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Communicate with Fido Via E-mail

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hopefully Fido Reads this.


I recently cancelled my account with you after having a conversation with you customer relations team.  Because you were unable to provide me with a final bill I was unwilling to pay the current bill.  I was assured that I would not be charged late payment fees. 


When I received the final bill of Course Fido added late payment fees. As a result my bill is now outstanding with $6.09 which will never be paid.


I am not interested in wasting my time with you on the phone or with Chat.  If you can't accept e-mails then I guess this is the only way for me to try to reach you.


If you want to e-mail me so that I can reply with more details such as account number etc then please send me an e-mail.


Otherwise I guess you will keep sending me requests to pay the bill which I will forever ignore.


Also for some reason there does not seem to be a way for me to log in with my existing account, so I had to create a new one in order to post.




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Senior MVP



  You should note that this is the community forum and not intended as a venue for customer support. In addition, Fido does not offer customer support via email. If you would like to sort out your issue, you would really need to contact customer service to do so. In addition, they can also be contacted via Live Chat, Facebook, or Twitter. Those methods can be accessed via the contact page posted above. 


  I understand you don't feel like you should have to pay the late fees. However, ignoring the issue wouldn't be in your best interest. Not paying the late fees or not having them waived would result in the account likely going to collections, which in turn would affect your credit. Not wanting to call or chat is not an adequate excuse for not addressing the issue. Even though email might not be one of them, Fido does have other venues for customer services.


Hope this helps 😀