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Live chat gave false information

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

The customer service on the live chat gave false information about the price I pay for a phone that had to be shipped twice.


The first time I ordered the phone it was not able to ship to a PO Box as Fido's online form could not recognise it, so I was told to request a redirection after placing the order. Canada Post does not support redirection apparently, so the package bounced and was returned to Fido.


I was told to reorder the phone - however the price had increased for the same phone. After talking with customer service who created a case to re-ship the phone at the same price. I confirmed the price to be the same as before through live chat.


This morning I received an email confirmation for the order where the price was actually higher than the amount confirmed and the case opened for "the same deal" was in fact not the same deal, but $10 higher than previously.


I have spent over 12 hours with customer service just for them to not do anything apart from placing a new order I could have done myself. They have done absolutely nothing towards reshipping the device at the original plan which should have been the right thing to do, considering the Fido system's problems are what caused the whole fiasco to occur in the first place and prevented a smooth shipment.



Hello @chansla Smiley

I'm sorry to learn about your experience.


In order to verify that for you, we will need to access your account.


Please make sure to contact us. You can find all the ways to reach us here.