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Combative and rude loyalty/retention agent

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I don't normally post... I guess when your treated wrong, the right thing to do is to speak up.


I tried to speak up to an agent that refused to listen to me.within 10 minutes of starting a conversation, it felt like talking to a wall.  I would ask a question, and she would answer a different question.


I got worked up...  This is where things take a complete 180 turn...


I don't normally like to share something this personal, however this situation warrants it...


I've been on disability since February.  My issue is, I had a nervous breakdown.  My body was completely unresponsive to my commands.  I developed servers anxiety.  This leads to panic attacks when I get excited, or travel outside my comfort zone.  In the past 6 months, I have expanded my zone from my house, to my neighbourhood.


After arguing with the agent for 10 minutes, I told her about my disability.. at which time she completely turned her attitude around.  By this time, I had already asked to speak with a different agent that was not combative with me... And I had also requested to speak with a supervisor.  She had promised me all of these things during our 1 hour call.  


What I learned is that fido supervisors are not here to help you.  I was promised numerous times that I could speak to someone regarding my horrible situation .. but in the end I was refused.  I called back because I ran out of time (therapy was about to start), when I asked to speak with a supervisor again.... Once again refused.


This is horrible customer service.. and the 3rd time this has happened this year.  At no time in any conversation should agents be lieing to customers!  Coaching is needed for your loyalty agents and supervisors!!! 


We pay your bills! The least you can do is listen to our concerns.


At this point, once my phone is paired off in 22 months... I'm gone.


This whole situation is rediculous and I am extremely offended.  Thanks for failing to provide good service again.



Hey @Nolan16! Philippe here. Welcome to the community. Smiley


I'm sad to read about your experience. That's most certainly not the way we want you to fell when you contact us or ask for an supervisor.


Have you been able to resolve your concerns since your post? If not, you can request a PM from the community and we'll be happy to help you there.


Let us know!