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Can't see 5 extra hours of data

I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

Had used 1 out of 5 of my monthly free data hours, 24-48hrs ago, and now in the My Account app I can no longer locate where to enable the data hours.  It is as if the feature has been removed from my account.  I've used those hours many times, so?


Am currently on a BYOD $50/mo plan that includes Talk, TXT, VM, 12GB data and 5 extra data hours.  Now questioning if this is why I see FIDO 'pushing' me to take their $60/mo for 35GB plan?


Good morning @Skydiver069 ,sorry to hear that you're having trouble finding  your 5 extra hrs of data. If you look in the lower right corner of the startup page in the app, you will see 3 dots over the word more. Tap on more and you should see My 5 extra hours of data history. Open that and start your data from there. This has happened to people on occasion and have had success getting it back in different ways such as: restarting the device,  uninstalling and reloading the app, clearing the cache in the app, and sometimes resetting the network. You can do the above yourself and if you need more assistance, you can contact Fido technical support Here. Hope that helped you