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Can't change my address online.

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

I have cancelled my account and moved back home to Aus amid the current covid19 crisis. I have paid my final bill however i would like to change my online address to a friends address so she can collect any cheques or maik that might be sent out from Fido. However it will not accept the address i've typed in and i've tried multiple friends addresses to no avail. I don't think it would allow me to change it to my Australian address, I'm not sure what to do? Please help.



Hello @serena_charlie,


Welcome to the community!


Since the account is cancelled that would be most likely why it will not allow you to make any changes.


If there is any refund that will be sent to you it will be in the form of a cheque by default, if you made payments from a credit card you can request the refund be refunded to the card but you need to make the request before the cheque is generated. 


Fido would send the cheque to the address on file since you are not in the country and would like to change the address you will need to contact customer service and they can do it. If you will be getting a refund they can even mail it to you in Australia.


Fido has many different ways to contact customer service even from outside of the country, you can find all the different ways here.