Caller 844 277 6920

I'm a Participant Level 2 trynittee
I'm a Participant Level 2

Caller 844 277 6920

I have been getting calls from 844 277 6920 on and off for weeks.  When I pick up, the call ends.


Frustrated, I came online to research and it turns out this is a FIDO number.  I can read from previous posts that FIDO is confused.  Confusion doesn't instill customer confidence; it suggests you don't understand your own environment.


Whatever automated system you are using, please stop it.  It's clearly not behaving as expected.  I work in IT, and am familiar with systems going awry.  What is more annoying is when management/systems staff are aware there is an issue, the issue has been ongoing for almost a year, and still, end users are being annoyed and pestered.  That is Poor Problem Management.


I have resorted to blocking this phone number from my phone.  


So... where does that leave confidence in Fido with its customers?  And, where does that leave Fido in the future if it really does need to call me from that number?  =Communication is broken down.  However, the issue is with FIDO.  FIDO is letting an ineffective system run, damaging its communication with customers, and doing Nothing to fix it.


I have been a customer since 2005.  And in case it's not clear, I am extremely annoyed.   Usually, FIDO is amazing.  Your customer service is unparalleled.  I have sold many of my friends and family on FIDO just because one call does resolve the issue.  However, I have a low tolerance for issues that have been ongoing for a year.  And the only reply to this post that is acceptable is a specific plan/date on how and when FIDO is addressing it.  Don't post the annoying answers I've seen on other posts:  Hmm.  That's strange.  Or Have you stayed on the line?  


Track FIDO's outgoing call logs for that number, note the number of failed calls and deal with this.


Thank you,


C.  Allan  

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Re: Caller 844 277 6920

Hi @trynittee!


I'm sorry to hear your recent experience with Fido was not a positive one. The number is our telemarketing team and shouldn't disconnect once you pick up. I can definitely understand how upsetting that can be. 


That said, I will be sure to pass your feedback along to the right people. Fido aims at providing top-notch service to all its customers and we appreciate any opportunity that allows us to improve ourselves. 


Moving forward, do you want me to add your number to our Do-Not-Call list? The list is updated every 30 days and is good for 5 years. I do understand that you have blocked the number from your end already. 


I thank you for bringing it to our attention!



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I'm a Participant Level 3 ryanm3
I'm a Participant Level 3

Re: Caller 844 277 6920

So let me get this straight, you need my permission to send me a message in which you'll get my permission to take me off your marketing list? You guys clearly have some issues you need to get sorted out. I'm going to start looking into other phone companies, but in the mean time, YES, YOU HAVE MY PERMISSION TO DO WHATEVER NEEDS TO BE DONE TO TAKE ME OFF YOUR MARKETING LIST!

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Former Moderator FidoMegan
Former Moderator

Re: Caller 844 277 6920

You're automatically registered to our marketing lists as a Fido customer. In order to remove you from our marketing lists we need to access your account. For this reason, we need to send you a PM. 


As you stated you did not want a PM we did not send you one. You'll be receiving one shortly to proceed with your request. 





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Senior MVP Senior MVP
Senior MVP

Re: Caller 844 277 6920

Hello Ryanm3,


  Welcome to the community!


  I understand your frustration, however, Fido is not the one with the issue here.


  Even if you have subscribed to the National Do Not Call list, telemarketing calls from organisations with whom you have an existing business relationship are exempt (see here). Since you have an active phone line with Fido, they are within their right to make these calls -- unless you have specifically requested to be placed on their Do Not Call list. It would be the same situation with any company with whom you have an existing business relationship.


  To add your account to Fido's Do Not Call list using this forum, the moderators would need to access to your account and verify your account information. Since this is a public forum, verifying personal information in an open thread is not appropriate, hence the request to send you a private message (PM). You initially refused to receive their PM. They're just trying to help resolve your situation.



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I'm a Participant Level 2 trynittee
I'm a Participant Level 2

Re: Caller 844 277 6920

As the original poster on this thread, I am blown away.  My request is the following:


Before any Moderator responds to this post, please read the thread from the beginning until now. 


I think the issue here is that 844 277 6920 hangs up on people.  Your clients become so frustrated that they Google the phone number to discover in dismay that it is their own phone carrier harassing them.   This has been going of for over a year suggesting a Systemic Issue.  


In an attempt to resolve the issue, Moderators are offering to PM people individually to place them on a Do Not Call list, citing that you can receive calls from organizations with whom you do business.  Although I appreciate the intent to stop the situation, the back and forth "not-so-helpful" interactions from Moderators, the delay in answers (honestly, I haven't looked at this since April, it's now November, why? because I am living my life, not doing admin on my cell phone account) has NOT RESOLVED THE ISSUE: Fido is harassing it's customers with a telemarketing call that hangs up on it's customers.  


I have blocked the number - and I did so in April.  i haven't received an annoying call since then.  And I haven't thought about this topic in over 6 months.  I am dismayed to see the continued wasted time, resources, customer frustration.  I highly suggest more energy is spent on resolving the call hang up instead of the admin in getting your customers to sign up on your Do Not Call List.  That is creating a secondary project to ease the main pain point.  And please don't reply with (we don't have that info, we are checking, sorry you are frustrated, etc).  I can see all of those stock replies in this thread.  please save your typed response and engage your technical team to ....  RESOLVE THE TECHNICAL ISSUE.


And if you can't resolve the issue, SAY SO.  




A Customer for almost 13 years

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Former Moderator FidoChristina
Former Moderator

Re: Caller 844 277 6920

Hey @trynittee


We've escalated this and we're looking into it internally.


Thanks for the feedback!




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I'm a Participant Level 1 archlaxmanpatel
I'm a Participant Level 1

Re: Caller 844 277 6920


Lately I am receiving blank calls from 8442776920. Three calls in the middle of the meeting is really disturbing. I searched on web and found its from Fido customer care. I am not too authentic about this and therefore would like to know from Fido. If this is true I would like to know why blank call. What is it the intent.

And if this is NOT from fido, can you please advise before I block it permanently.



**edited to remove personal information**

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Re: Caller 844 277 6920

Hey @archlaxmanpatel!


I've moved your post here as it deals with a similar topic Smiley


Those calls are from our outbound team! Have they left a message?



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I'm a Participant Level 2 vincedg
I'm a Participant Level 2

Re: Caller 844 277 6920

I am receiving a call from this number at least once a day. When I answer the call, it disconnects. When I don't answer, the caller seems confused and doesn't leave a message they just say "hello?". I have blocked this number but it doesn't stop the caller from leaving voicemail.  

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I'm a Participant Level 2 kellmoo
I'm a Participant Level 2

Re: Caller 844 277 6920

I'm also getting the same calls.  Hangs-up upon answering, or if I let it go to voice mail, the message that is left is one of Fido's customer service reps saying "Hello....hello?" into a recorded message.


I checked the National Do-Not-Call-List and my number was already registered one year ago.


Whats going on Fido?  How can I get Fido to seas and desist immediately?

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Former Moderator FidoPamela
Former Moderator

Re: Caller 844 277 6920

Hey @vincedg and @kellmoo!


We've shared the feedback so that this can be looked into. Thanks for taking the time to share your experience! 


As for the National Do Not Call List, it would only be for businesses you have no relationship with. It doesn't apply to Fido if you have an account with us. We do however have an internal Do Not Call List we can register you to if you prefer not to receive our marketing calls. 


Let me know if you'd like to register, I'll be happy to send you a PM. 

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