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Why not support all Canadians with your fund raising.

I'm back
I'm back

Why are FIDO not faising funds for all Canadians at this time. I think all Canadians need help right now. Why do they raise for a particular group rather than be inclusive in their fund raising. I know why, they did their marketing research and thought this would give them the most publicity. Its so boring to raise money for the homeless and the Canadians that don't have work anymore.


All Canadians need help and I find that this is a complete PR stunt from FIDO. They are going to loose me as a customer.




Hey @notoriousvic! Philippe here. Welcome to the community. Smiley


I understand your cynicism, but I assure you that it's misplaced. We focus on certain areas where we feel we can potentially do the most good, such as with Food Banks Canada, for example. We then let everyone we can know about it to raise awareness about these organisations, in order to encourage more donations.


You can check-out the details of everything we're doing here.