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Call Control

Hi All,


I was introduced to this great new free service from Telus called Call Control. Basically what it does is help block the robo-dialers that call with some message about reporting in to the Tax Agency of your country, reporting to the court system for being in violation of some BS misdemeanor, or someone yammering in a foreign language that you don't understand.


When I was calling family friends on Christmas, I was asked to press 2 on the phone to let my call go through. Robo-dialers can't do this so their calls can't come through.


I want Fido to adopt this service as well. I get far too many of these stupid horrible calls which are simply efforts to steal identity. Also, since Telus offers it for free, so should Fido to prevent people from jumping to different service providers as I don't really want to go to Telus, but I would to get these darn dialers to stop calling!


Hey @rustynailer


Thanks for the suggestion! 

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Hi, @rustynailer I totally understand and I think we are all tired of these types of calls. I understand as you said Telus implemented their own feature to combat these calls but this is just a bandaid while all the providers work on getting the STIR/SHAKEN technology up and running to put a stop to these calls.


It was supposed to be ready in September 2020 but has now been pushed to June 2021 you can get more info here.