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parental control for mobile phone line

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Is there any way to restrict adult content on a fido moble phone line?  Of course I can do this on my home router but I'm wondering if this is possible to do on a mobile phone line itself.



Hello @BryanK2,


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Unfortunately, there is no way for Fido to do what you need on the line but I know if you have an android phone you can set up a family link and you have some parental control on the device see here.


Depending on what you want to block they have apps that can do that but I found the best ones need root access and that's something for advanced users and not all phones can be rooted. 


My son was into watching anime shows and I found some of the sites to be too pornographic or did a lot of phishing just like you I can control most of the stuff from my network but when he is off or at school was a different story at that time I was able to root the phone and had a systemwide adblocking that used to block out all those sites but with the newer phones, it's difficult or not even possible to root. I just had a talk with him and I've not had any issues and he seems to use his devices responsibly.