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Almost walked away...

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Well I decided to get Fido again (after 20 years) and have an old Galaxy 3 a friend gave me a year ago. I was in hospital for 2 wks and figured this would be the time to use the cell. Fido delivered via Purolator on Monday a sim card that was not the size I needed (need the medium one). I wasted and hour on the phone and proper size would be sent. Tuseday received the proper card but would not set up. Looke like cell needed unlocking to me. Same story again and another hour of time waster. Got 3rd sim today and guess what still no results. Still looked like it was locked. I called Virgin. and told the girl my needing to unlock cell. She told me how to access the IM something and it took a few reboots but the Fido sim was in and presto she got me up and running. I told her I wished she worked for Fido and thanked her for her time. I'm glad some people understand how to deal with a newby andone who isn't glued to it. Koodo's to Virgin..


I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

It was unlocked when I first got it but I signed with Lucky and I never used it because I had no contacts and cancelled the autofill. They must have relocked it again. I also had to ask a friend how to setup voice mail. Other people are helping me more than Fido workers!


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If I'm not mistaken you got a phone from a friend and it appears that the phone was locked to Virgin, in this case, Fido would not be able to help you because the phone was not from them so they would not be able to provide you the unlock code. That's why Virgin was able to do it for you so it's no fault of Fido in this case.