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Usage of data

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Something is going on with data usage the last couple of months.   I was on a 10gb (last phone)plan but barely used it.   Dropped to 6gb and barely used half...except for last couple of months almost used all.   Have not been doing anything different.   Customer Service....or JACK was of no assistance.    Dealing with Fido (AKA Rogers) since purchase of new phone is most frustrating.  


Is this something to do with the Rogers/Shaw merger - because honestly - my contract is up around New Years...and I am one hair away from changing carriers....... Mobile phone and Internet TV Services as well.



Hello @Eggs2022,


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Your data usage has nothing to do with Rogers purchasing Shaw, You will need to check your phone data usage to see what or if any app is consuming your data in the background.


If you can provide the make and model of the phone we can better assist you or you can see here if you have an Android phone and here for Apple.


Some devices may also have a download boost feature that still uses cellular data even if you are connected to WiFi if you have that feature you might want to turn it off.