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AirPod upgrade hell

I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1

Ordered an upgrade device through earlier this week. Was sent an email instructing me to go to a Fido store to pick up AirPods via the $2.50/month deal. First store tells me that they can't do the add-on because I didn't do the upgrade in-store. They tell me to call customer service and get an authorization code. Brought it back to the store only to be told again they couldn't do it. Tried a second store and after waiting over an hour to get let inside was given the same "we don't know how to do that" response as the first store. Calls to customer service and the useless Ask Jack chat people point me back to the store. Both chat and phone support refuse to just mail the **bleep** things to me. Can't order them on either.


Not the first time I've wasted hours on the phone and online with Fido. Getting frustrated enough to return my new device within the 15 day period and go elsewhere.


Has anyone successfully accomplished this? Or is this some kind of a trick to waste hours of my life? 



Hey @c95,


We're truly sorry to learn about your recent experience with claiming the Airpods deal.

This particular deal is only available in participating stores, thus it cannot be shipped via customer care or ordered online.


While we can understand the inconvenience, this is a store only promotion. 

Should you have any unresolved concerns, please get in touch with our support team!