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Airpod Warranty Issues

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I got an Airpod 2nd Gen from my iPhone 12 mini upgrade last December of 2021. Just last week the Airpods quit working properly. The charging case drains the battery very fast and the left Airpod was suddenly not detected by my phone. I searched some steps to troubleshoot the issue from the Apple's tech support site but couldn't get fied. I wen to an Apple service center/ iStore and when they checked my Airpods' serial number they told me that my device is out of warranty and that the warranty was activated in December of 2020. My airpods is just 5 months old. Can someone help me please, point me to the right resolutions. I need my airpods for work that's why I upgraded my old phone with Fido. 

And also, I need to know how can I obtain a copy of my proof of purchase (with the phone and airpod's serial number) stating that my Airpods came with my iPhone. 

Thanks in advance, please help this is really frustrating.



Hello @Gangelie17,


Welcome to the community!


While some manufacturers can tell the build date from the serial number and use that date for warranty if you do not have a receipt it is common to get a device that has a limited amount of warranty remaining from the original build date because the reseller could have had the product for a while.


If you got the device in-store you would have gotten some paperwork and that would be your proof of sale if you did it online you would have gotten an email with PDF documents that would show your contract and device details.


If you do not have any of these documents then it would be best to reach out directly to customer service and they can better assist you.