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Billing and Taxes

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I am a recently new Fido customer living in Alberta. Today I was emailed my first bill for the amount of $114.06. The amount is conflicting with the information given to me by an agent at The Mobility Store and also a Fido customer service rep who I had called a few days ago, as my account info was showing a 0.00 balance. I was quoted 75.00 for two numbers with 10GB per line by The Mobility Store agent and by the Fido customer service support agent. It appears that I was charged $50.00/line plus GST and QST which would explain the $14.06. Irregardless of the amount that I am presently disputing with Fido Customer Service (100.00 vs 75.00), both area codes are Alberta area codes (587 and 780). Does anyone know why I am billed the Quebec provincial taxes plus the GST? Or should I just be billed only the GST?



Hey @JLH302,


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This is surely an odd situation.

Please get in touch with our customer care team so they can review this situation in depth and correct the billed taxes on your account.