‭(844) 277-6920‬ call?

‭(844) 277-6920‬ call?

‭(844) 277-6920‬ call?

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‭(844) 277-6920‬ call?


Got the call from ‭(844) 277-6920‬, searched and found out that people are complaining it’s a scam but it’s a fido telemarketing number, when picked up nobody answered and got hanged up. Why i got this call? 

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Re: ‭(844) 277-6920‬ call?

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Hey @kn11


This is the phone number one of our telemarketing teams uses.  They most likely would have called you to make you a special offer.  If you want, you can wait for them to call back or you can contact us using any of the options you'll find here to have someone look at your account.  Alternatively, we can send you a PM.


Hope it helps! Smiley

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Well maybe you could inform your fellow co-worker who reply on the Live Chat because I just had someone from Fido trying to convince me that I got hacked by that phone number (even though they indeed only offered me a plan I didn't accept and just gave me prices) and that if I was on the phone longer than one minute then they were able to hack my account.


Fido, please, check what nonsense your employees are telling people on chat!

Hello @Atichoo,


Welcome to the community!


We definitely want to give you the correct information when you contact us. We appreciate you pointing this out to us.

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I'm also one of the multiple people who is receiving (844) 277-6920 calls and when I pick up it gets disconnected.


Could someone contact me about this issue please?


Thank you. 

Hey @StephPal


I moved your message here as it is about the same topic. Did you already try contacting customer service regarding this? 

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How do we call them back?

I just made a deal and need to make some changes, but when I call back, i just wait on the call, hear the automated message and then there is no option to get connected to anyone and it just disconnects by itself!


Hello @alisiahatgari


We will verify your account to get more details about that call.


Let's verify this together.

I'm sending you a PM to get this looked into. 

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PM Please! Thank you

Hey @jenellerosalie Smiley

There's a PM coming your way.

Talk to you soon. 

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@FidoKenny  Well I need to know how to avoid Fido "promotions" spam calls because that number belongs to Fido telemarketers. 

@Yafaneh Let's verify this together.


I'm sending you a PM to get this looked into. 


Talk to you soon.

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I have been getting calls from this number 6 times today, and when I picked it hanged up! When I googled it up, it was a number from Fido!!! What is up with that?? Why are you calling people just to hang up?????

Hello @wani313


I moved your post since the discussion here is about the same topic.

You will find your answer on the solution to this thread.



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As stated by others, I received a phone call from an agent last week and told them I was not interested in discussing promotions by phone - the call seemed like a scam - and told them to not schedule future calls. I also asked for these promotions to be sent to me as I wanted to visit a store. I just received another call from the same number. I would like to be removed from this call list and have the information sent.


Thank you!

Hey @jlg7


Let's verify the details of that call together. 

I'm sending you a PM to get this looked into.


Talk to you soon.

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I got called by this number 3 times so far. I answered twice, and like others mentioned, I hear background noise and then they hang up on me. Seems like they're trying to reach their daily quota without bothering to say anything ...

Hey @Yafaneh


We have page on Fido.ca that gives you the steps to follow to avoid spam calls. You can find that right here.



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I've had 4 calls from this number this week, as others describe each time I pick up, the number disconnects and I am hung up on. I get enough scam calls as is, lets not have Fido, my service provider, added to that list

Thank you for your feedback @jasonhunter8. We certainly don't want that to be the case for you. Were you left any contact number for a callback?


If you want us to take us a look at your account, you can contact us as Nick mentioned above. We can also remove you from our Marketing list going forward if you wish.



I'm a Participant Level 2

I blocked the number as I was getting several calls per day. Please remove me from the marketing list. Thank you.

Hi @jasonhunter8 !


We'll need to access your account to remove you from the marketing list.


In order to do that, you'd have to contact customer service whenever is convenient for you.

However, since you're already here, we can also send you a PM if you prefer. Smiley