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5G network not available and still paying the same as if i was at Rogers... that's a little evil

I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

So... i have a iphone and i cannot access the 5G network but the cost from Rogers and Fido is the same.


What is happening here?


Is Fido/Rogers just evil capitalists? 


What value am i getting as LTE is becomiung obsolete? 


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Senior MVP

Hello Arsondude00,


  I understand the interest in wanting access to 5G services. However, I'm not sure where you have found the information you suggested.


@arsondude00 wrote:

....but the cost from Rogers and Fido is the same....

  A quick comparison of both providers' offerings would seem to dispute that claim. While the Talk & Text option seems to cost the same, those plans do not include data so access to 5G might be moot. On the other hand, Rogers' cheapest Data, Talk & Text plans appear to be more costly than any current offering from Fido.


@arsondude00 wrote:

... LTE is becomiung obsolete..

  While it's true older network generations tend to get decommissioned as newer networks arise, I don't think the LTE network will be obsolete any time soon. Sources suggest LTE networks will be carried well into 2030 or even at least a decade (see here and here).


  I don't know if, or when, Fido might offer access to 5G services. If they do choose to offer 5G services, it will be announced on


Hope this helps 😀