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$150 credit on phone

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Anyone else bought an iPhone 12 Pro in December 2021? Did you get your $150 credit? Because I am getting the run around, clearly this was false advertising. Sadly I was not able to do a screenshot because I called Fido after purchasing and the agent had guaranteed I should see the credit in 2-3 months. Now, I called to follow up and they're saying it's not in my records, that the agent made an error and I need to provide a screenshot of the promo. Why advertise something, confirm it and then as me to provide proof. So upsetting. 


Good morning @Ana_2 , sorry to hear that you haven't received the credit you were expecting. Did you order your device through the promo link you received? When I get offers for a promotion it usually has been a pop up in the Fido app or in account. Sometimes the offer comes by sms with a link to follow. Then you would tap on the pop-up or text to start the process. The order trail should begin there. 

You may want to contact fidosolutions on Twitter to have someone take a look at your account and see if they can figure out what happened. Hope it gets solved soon,  cheers