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Support ended conversation without solving the issue

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

I have been getting sudden ping spikes where my usual ping to google is 13ms and when it spikes it's 1500ms. And the issue is about the wifi. I don't have any device connected via ethernet, so can't talk about it, but when my wifi dies, it literally dies. I can't access other devices on the local network, including the modem. In my conversation, the support suggested rebooting my modem, and they did, even though I clearly told them that it doesn't help at all. They said it is a regional issue. So, follow me here.

  • Assuming it is a regional issue
    • How does it affect my WIFI and local devices???
    • Okay let's say it somehow affects my modem
      • Then why would it not work when I reset fully, reboot, unplug and plug back in again? Why on earth would they reboot the modem when I already did so?
      • I told them that I did all of the above, and they sent me my uptime which was 2 days and 16 hours. Even though I literally told them that I've been having this issue for weeks (since late November 2021)!!! 
  • Now, let's assume it isn't. Doesn't all of this suggest the issue is about the modem and not the internet and the regional issues???
    • It's about wifi which has nothing to do with regional issues.
    • It started happening when the number of devices connected to my wifi increased.
    • I've been having this issue for weeks (since late November 2021, which is the exact time when the number of devices on my network increased)
    • I mentioned this issue while I was talking about getting an upgrade to my Internet plan and they suggested resetting the wifi, and never brought up the regional issue lie.
    • It happens mostly in the evenings when everybody is at home and our usage is at peak.

I tried changing the channel, moving the modem, checking if there are unknown devices connected and nope, none of them worked. Can somebody in the community at least help?


Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hi there @InternetUser2


From what I gather, it may very well be an issue with the modem. 


Did our support team suggest that you replace the modem? 


Did they offer any next steps should the issue have percisted after the initial trouble shooting with them? 

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

They did send me a case number and a phone # to contact them, but I'm busy right now and don't really have time to call back again. I'll call them as soon as possible. Possibly on Tuesday.

Keep us posted.

When this is resolved, please come back and share the solution with the Community to help future members Smiley