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So called fast internet

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1


Tonight I had three different conversations with three different tech agents from Fido. I tried to explain that my recent purchase, 150 mpbs download speed internet,  doesn't work well.  I have black modem. And it doesn't delivery more than 80 mbps speed. Before I had home internet again from Fido with 70 mbps download speed and I had white modem, CODA. It was perfect. When I purchased new internet from Fido I gave my white modem back. I didn't know that this is the better one. So unfortunate situation is that I supposed to have high speed internet but I can't use it because of the black modem. I have spoken with tech agent and she said if I can find white modem I can change it for free. Please, anybody can help me to find CODA modem?


Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey @MihribanMK Smiley 


We're sad to learn about your slow speed with our home internet services. That said, if you're looking to get the modem exchanged, it can only be done with the approval of our tech support. I understand you've spoken to them; however, did they mention if they can send out a new modem?


That said, the model of model should have no impact on your speeds. You may need a replacement, or a tech may need to come and check things out. If you consistently continue to receive speeds slower than what's part of your plan then please contact our tech support again at 1-888-259-3436 so that they can troubleshoot further, they'll work towards finding a solution for you as the modem model would not be the cause of this.


I hope that helps!

I'm a Participant Level 3
I'm a Participant Level 3

@FidoNick Well, that's not necessarily true. Your information doesn't provide the full picture. I had a modem issue when I signed up in September. The coaxial connector was broken on my unit and didn't provide me with a stable connection and then in a few weeks the modem wifi capabilities have stopped working. I got a new modem and that modem has connection issues where my internet drops frequently and reconnects. Even the 5ghz connection is pretty **bleep**. I switched over from Bell and their internet was fine.


You know what the main issue is? Fido bought these routers second-hand from Rogers. Of course these routers will come with issues. They aren't tested for long-term capabilities. There are issues based on whatever router is issued. If you guys at Fido (company) want to enter the home internet game then I recommend purchasing new routers and not this refurbished garbage.


The technicians that came to my house were useless. They barely wanted to help and just left my house that day. They told me the router worked after running diagnostics through their device. They were only testing the connection to my house and didn't do much testing on my modem itself.


I told them countless times that it is a hardware issue but hey hiring 2 young kids to come do diagnostics and don't even have spare modems to replace my current modem? I had to go to the Fido store to replace my modem unit. 


Your online tech support and field technicians both told me you guys were short modems. When you start a promotion, get your logistics straight. Otherwise, borrow modems from your parent company Rogers.

I'm a Participant Level 3
I'm a Participant Level 3

Yes the 150mbps speed is not true to the speed. It's about 80-90 mbps. 

Rogers gigabit internet gives about 900-980 mbps which is more true to their speeds.

Hey @SquareCube


I'm sad to read about your experience, it's definitely not what we aim for. Rest assured our goal is always to provide you with reliable service and equipment when you purchase a Fido product. 

If you're still experiencing issues, we invite you to reach out to our home internet technical support team so they can assist you. 

We appreciate your feedback and thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us.