Lost equipment

Lost equipment

Lost equipment

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Lost equipment



so I decided I don’t need the Fido internet anymore and cancelled it which went successfully. Though, when I returned my modem they wanted to charge me 262.50 dollars for some cable that I didn’t have??? I don’t remember having it but if I did, why would they want me to put the full amount, I have the modem and everything else??

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You do NOT need to return the splitter and ethernet cable or coaxiel cable!!!

In fact, the ONLY things you need to return are:

1. Modem

2. Modem's power supply

That's all!!


If you can find the other things and don't want them sure, include them all, but if you can't find them just return the above 2 things and they will NOT charge you full amount of $250.


It's literally listed on their FAQ.


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Hey @Sequoia


Thanks for reaching out about this. 


Here's what's included in the box : 

• Fido Wi-Fi modem (Hitron CGN3AMF Gateway)
• Power adapter (12VDC / 2.5A)
• RJ45 ethernet cable (CAT 5e)
• Quick Start guide
• 6-foot coaxial cable
• Splitter


Which cable was missing exactly? 


Also, what happened at the store? Did you end up keeping the modem and paying? Give us more details so we can help. 

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I did not pay a left the store because I still have 3 more days to return the cable

Thanks for clarifying @Sequoia


Hopefully you can find the cable, let us know! 

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so I am missing the internet cable and the 6-foot cable, also the splitter (??) I’ve never seen it before but I might have the cables around my house but I don’t have the splitter... I can’t afford to pay $200+.... I’m a student 

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Did you end up getting charged? I'm afraid I may be walking into this situation soon. 

Hey @aarteaga Smiley


Was there anything you forgot to include, when you returned your modem? 

Let us know!

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Hey Valerie, 


I haven't returned anything yet. I just can't find the ethernet cable and don't want to get charged a lot of money for it.