Internet down again

Internet down again

Internet down again

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Internet down again

Hello, the home internet has been down since last night (as in no blue lights are on) and I have done numerous soft and hard resets since then. Can't even call internet support because it isn't office hours yet so I'm using up data trying to find solutions.

Last time it was down they told me it was an area outage. Is that what's happening again? If this is a reoccurring problem for my area, there has to be a better solution. Please help, thank you.



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My Fido Internet service is down again in Mississauga. You are lucky to get service for an hour, then it goes down again! I called Fido for service, which entailed a girl in Montreal putting you on hold for about 15 - 20 mins, who was then supposed to arrange for a technician to do a home service call but instead transfers me to another customer service agent who cannot help with my home internet service. Just awful customer service on top of lousy internet service. I'm paying $ 58 dollars a month, when you add the taxes for 300 GB, but have noticed that you offer unlimited service for the same $ 50 a month service that I pay. You should inform your loyal customers of such offers instead of paying pay more for less service. not very happy, perhaps I should go back to Bell, you may pay more but at least you have service most of the time.

Hey @PhotoGal2017!


That definitely shouldn't happen and we're going to get to the bottom of this!


In terms of the plan, we unfortunately cannot change your plan without your consent, so it's a good idea to keep an eye out on for any changes to our pricing to ensure you always have the most competitive offer Smiley


I'm going to send you a PM so we can check out what's going on with your internet. I also wanted to let you know about our Firmware trial as you may be interested, you can learn more here.


See you in PM!

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Hello, I have the same issues for couple of days now. I live in Richmond Hill and my internet is keep disconnecting. I tried to call the Fido Support like other fellas here but I couldn’t reach them because it is not 24/7. It os a disappointment that Fido customer service has so much discrepancy between the departments. I tried multiple resets but it is disconnecting again after sometime and this issue is frustrating. I need a internet at home. Last month, I ended up with data overage because my Fido Home internet is not working!! I do not need to pay more for your service failure. If it continues like this, I think I am going to change my Home account. This is unacceptable. I just want to write it so the other people with the same issue knows that they are not alone. Thanks

Hello @PlayerOne1,


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We'll definitely be able to get this settled out. 


Since when has this been going on?


You can contact us on Facebook, Twitter or we can also send you a PM. 

Let us know how you'd like to proceed. 



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It started few weeks ago and since then, I can’t use my internet stable. This actually happened to me before few months ago and I was calling Fido Technical support almost every day and they couldn’t fix it for a month. Then it was fixed somehow and I used the home internet for few months without any problems. Now it is happening again and it is really annoying. Thanks for the support but I said it before. If it is not going to be fixed then I have to change my home internet. I cannot deal with this every day. 

FYI: I am sending this message using my data while I am sitting at home and waiting my internet to turn back!!

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Hi @yshahn!


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Which number did you try to contact? Our technical support for Fido Internet is available 24/7, 365 days a year! 


This is the number you should reach in order to get in touch with the tech. team: 1-888-236-FIDO (3436). 

Are you still having the same problem at the moment? If it still doesn't work I suggest you give us a call!

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Hi, yes that's the same number. I chose the option to talk to a real person and it responded that it wasn't office hours and hung up on me. I'll try again, then. Thanks!

Got it! Keep me updated!



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Hi, so throughout the day I have called a few times but due to errands I haven't been able to wait through the transferring time to tech support until they were able to connect me. I've been calling again since after 9 pm because the rep told me when I called around 6:30 pm that the wait for transfer would be approx. 3 hours. I was put on hold immediately once I chose the 'real person' option and it hung up on me after 40 minutes of wait.

I am continuously calling but still on hold right now. Do I just need to keep waiting until a rep picks up? In the meantime the modem has been reset several times.

Is it an area outage again or is the modem faulty? Please help, the internet is needed as soon as possible. Thanks.
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Hey yshahn, 


Thank you for taking the time and updating us on this. I can totally understand how important it is to have a steady internet connection. In this case I would suggest reaching out to our Live Chat Fido Internet Technical Support. You can get a hold of them through our contact page right here


Let us know how it goes! 

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Hey, I'll have to stop now because I've been on the phone close to 2.5 hours now and I'm not even sure reps are available right now or if they're trying to connect me directly to tech. Is it possible to put me on hold even though reps are finished business hours?

Thanks for the suggestions but chat service and social media services are all closed now and even though internet tech support chat says 24/7, social media team just said they follow regular chat hours which ended 5 pm I think.

I'll have to try again tomorrow. Night.

Thanks for this information @PlayerOne1.


I assure you we understand how important it is to have a reliable connexion and we want this to get sorted out as much as we do. 


You'll need to get in touch with our Technical Support so that they can go over troubleshooting steps and determine the cause of what you're experiencing and find a solution.


Our Technical Support for your Internet service is open 24/7 all year, you can find the number you need to contact them at right here.


Keep us posted on how it goes! 

Hi @yshahn!


I'll send you a PM to confirm some details with you.