Internet Login Prompt to link "Account"

Internet Login Prompt to link "Account"

Internet Login Prompt to link "Account"

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Internet Login Prompt to link "Account"


Hey Guys,


So many of us know by know  - according to the Revamp post (under General Care and Support), the fido website is experiencing a number of problems since launching some updates.


One of those problems being accounts that use "Email-based MyAccount login". That would be ME - one of the new internet customers! When the website was working properly - I would log into fido using my email account and would see both my fido phone and internet services. Unfortunately, (because of the Revamp issues) I can only login using my fido phone number - and therefore I can only view my phone billing/usage – and NOT the internet.


As of yesterday, when I tried to use my “Email-based MyAccount login” I was prompted with a new screen that asks me to "Please follow these steps to update your account". This process involves answering a few questions. Seems easy enough.


After the first question which asks me to confirm that I am a fido customer – it then asks me to fill out a form to “link” my account info. The form includes a place to write my “account number”. But there is a problem - it doesn't explain what is meant by “account number”.


For those of us internet customers, this could be 1 of 3 things.


1) Fido Phone Number

2) The Account Number associated with our Fido Phone bills

3) The Account Number associated with our Fido Internet bills


Please advise what is needed in this form for me to continue.


Thank you,


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Re: Internet Login Prompt to link "Account"

Solved by Former Moderator FidoAlyson

Got it, I just replied back! 


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Hey @r0cksteadydrew

If you are trying to access your phone number, you'll need your wireless account number. Smiley

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Hey FidoAlyson - I'm trying to access my internet account.

Alrighty, thanks! You'll need your internet account number then! If you don't have it, send me a message on Facebook and I'll check it out!

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Hi FidoAlyson - I sent you a message using your link to facebook.



Got it, I just replied back! 


I'm a Participant Level 3



Now when I logged in with my email - the website prompted me to connect my internet account (provided to me with the help of you and Maria from facebook) it's working again!


I have regained access to both my fido phone and internet accounts when using my email based login.


One minor issue - when I log in under my email - the community forum does not remember my user ID created under my phone# log in. It wants me to set up a separate ID to post comments.


Other than that - I'm glad to have access to both of my accounts now. I'm sure that the fido website revamp has been difficult for all the customer service reps to deal with.


I think the web revamp team owes the customer service reps a beer!




Glad to know it works Drew!

We're aware of the log in issue, it's still in progress Smiley

You can keep on logging to the Community using your phone number as usual. If you want to create yourself a new profile to match your new email log in, I'll be more than happy to help you set up the username to be the same!

Just keep in mind that your Community profile will be reset back to 0 posts and kudos since you'll have a new log in.

Just let me know!


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I have a internet account and a mobile account i was logged in my account and could only see my fido internet, so I had my email disassociated and re registered with my mobile account number now I only see my mobile...please help

Hey @kellyder,


Welcome to our Community!


I'd be happy to help you with your online account Smiley


Just to make sure,  when you were linking your profile to your account, did you select that you were the Account Holder?


Let me know and we'll take it from there!