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Fido internet

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Dear fido

i live in Port Elgin Ontario and I really need you guys out here just for internet I will be paying for 7mps or what ever you call it 170.00 dollars a month and with this company you have internet tv and phone together you are paying way over 200.00 dollars a month I tell you I would go broke. You Fido need to get out here quick I want my best company I deal with for my cellphone and I want my internet back to. You guys are affordable and amazing my internet don't freeze with you guys with the other company it freezes. At lest Fido you work to solve problems and you know what you are doing. I beg you Fido to please come to Port Elgin ASAP I want my Fido internet back. Come here quickly. 



Hey @StaceyAnn and welcome to the Community.


We are always working on improving our network and providing Fido Home internet in more places in Canada is definitely in our goals.


Make sure to keep an eye on for upcoming offers.