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Fido Internet Information

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hi, I recently saw on the Fido web site that home internet is now an offered service. There is not too much information online, so I would like to ask the following questions:


1) Where in Canada is the internet currently available? When will be available in BC?

2) Does Fido (Rogers) have their own infrastructure or do they use the lines of any of the incumbent ISPs (Shaw, Telus)?

3) Is is expected in the future to have different internet plans, some with faster speeds?

4) One of the installation options is to do it yourself, i.e. without the help of a technician. How does this work exactly? For example, traditionally internet is delivered via coaxial or telephone lines. Does Fido Internet use either of those and if so, how does it work if you already have a home TV service from Shaw/Telus?


Sorry for the many questions, I'm only trying to find out information that is either unavaible online or very difficult to find.


Many thanks,




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Hey pimberto and welcome to the Community.


Don't worrky about the questions, feel free to ask as much as you want on the forum Smiley


For now, the Fido Internet is available to new and existing customers across the Ontario cable internet footprint.


Fido uses their own cable wires in order to give you access to the service.


Concerning faster speed, I didn't receive any informaiton yet about upcoming speeds. I invite you to keep an eye on for updates.


For the installation, you will plug the modem coax cable to a coax wall socket at your home. 


You can find more details about this here.


Hope this helps.




I'm qualified level 3
I'm qualified level 3

Hey FidoKenny, I live in Ontario, more specifically Hamilton, and it doesn't seem to be available here. I've typed in multiple addresses in Hamilton and Dundas, but no luck. Any idea when Hamilton will be supported? Thanks!

Hey nick67 and thank you for using the Community Smiley


We're still expanding in the Ontario area. From your account on, you can check if the service is available in your area.


For Hamilton, I didn't get any information on when it would be available on my end.


If there's any change, you will definitely be able to see updates here in the Community and on as well Smiley





I'm qualified level 3
I'm qualified level 3

Thanks FidoKenny for the info; I'll keep an eye out because I am wanting to switch from my current provider when Fido Internet becomes available in my area.

No problem nick67, happy I could help Smiley