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$250 unreturned modem charge??

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I called Fido on March 26 because my modem was not working. They determined that I need I need a new modem, and I should returnt the old one. Because eveythig is clsoed due to covid, I had to ship the modem back to Fido which I did at the beginning of April. How come I was NEVER informed that I need to return the modem within 5 days?? Now it's May, i still have a $250 + tax on my bill, which by the way was posted on March 27 (only one day after talking with Fido), and no one at Fido was able to help me with this issue. I have no tracking number for the modem, Purolator (which was used to returnt he modem) is unable to help me as well and I am stuck. What do I do?



Hello @P_ioana,


Did you ship the modem with Purolator on your own? If you did then you should have made sure you got a tracking number maybe check the receipt and see if it is there.


I know Fido would usually send a return label to ship the modem back via UPS. If you shipped the modem on your own then you will be responsible to locate the modem and make sure it is returned to Fido or the charge will not be reversed.