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Charged wifi modem rental despite service cancelled

I'm a Participant Level 2
I'm a Participant Level 2

I cancelled my service on March 20, which is the end of my billing cycle and I never have carry forward balances. Returned the modem on March 21. Got Canada post confirmation that modem has been successfully delivered on March 22. Upto this point, everything has gone smoothly. On March 22, I get a fido bill stating that I owe $9.04 which is for monthly $8+tax modem charge. Ummm...can FIDO explain to me why I need to pay for something I already CANCELLED and RETURNED to you!!!


Based on past threads, this issue is not new with your system. It dates back to several years. WHY IS THIS STILL HAPPENING!!!!!!


Good morning @kats44 , what most likely happened is that your billing cycle and cancelation order were happening at the same time. So the billing would already have been in process when you canceled. It takes more than a few days for the modem return to be processed, so a delay in cancelation would be caused. You should contact Fido support Here to get everything straightened out. Have a terrific weekend