$150 Amazon Gift Card

$150 Amazon Gift Card

$150 Amazon Gift Card

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$150 Amazon Gift Card


I set up home internet back in august with the promotion for the $150 amazon gift card and i still have not recieved any emails or instructions on how to obtain the gift card.

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Re: $150 Amazon Gift Card

Solved by Moderator (inactive) FidoJulien

Hey everyone! We understand a lot of you are experiencing some delays with your gift cards and we want to provide some clarifications as well as an update as we know you're all excited to get your gift cards!


Our home internet promos with the gift cards have proven to be quite popular and we'd like to thank you all for joining! That said, the reality is that we are experiencing some delays and we know it's been frustrating for a lot of you. We're working hard on this together with our vendor to get all gift cards and registrations e-mails to all of you asap! 




Right now, there are 2 possible scenarios so please check out the below to see where you fall in order to take the appropriate steps.


Scenario 1: Did not receive registration e-mail


The registration e-mail for the gift card takes about 6 weeks from the activation date to be received. If it's been 6 weeks and you haven't received it please don't worry as we're going to look into it with you! Please contact us if this is the case and we'll check it out. 


Scenario 2: Registered via registration e-mail and didn't receive the card yet


For this scenario, if you received the registration e-mail and not the actual card there are some things to keep in mind, such as :


- If a physical card was selected, delays can be longer than a digital one (within 4 weeks)

- If you chose a digital card, please check your junk mail to make sure it's not there (within 2 weeks)


If you still did not receive the card then please reach out to our vendor, Merkle, directly for an update. The e-mail address is : customercare@helloworldfulfillment.com and in your e-mail be sure to include: 


•       In the subject line: GWP + the gift with purchase offered/selected
•       Name:
•       Email:
•       Account Number:
•       Purchase and activation dates:
•       A brief summary of the issue:


Merkle should get back to you within 3 business days.


Important: It's important to note that if you were eligible for one of the below offers:

- $150 Amazon or Walmart gift cards

- $100 Amazon or Walmart gift cards with the $65 package

and you did register that there are additional delays with those specific offers. We expect to get all gift cards out in the next 2 weeks; there is no need to e-mail Merkle.


Please make sure to always check your Spam and Junk email folders as the emails would be sent from notification@prepaiddigitialsolutions.com OR from fido@e.helloworldmail.com.   


I do hope that helps everyone out. If you haven't received the registration email and have reviewed all the points above, you can send us a PM by following the steps found here
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Hey @jsmall1771


Thank you for checking! I'll send you a PM soon to look into it with you. 

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For 3 month we are expecting a message about a promised gift card...

I started to think that it is a pure liе, deception оr fraud...
 No another explanation.

Hey @korosten


Welcome to the Community!


Thank you for sharing with us, but rest assured that the gift card promotion is valid (was). As long as you signed up with an eligible package and fulfilled the criteria, you would receive the gift card. 


Have you checked your inbox/spam folder to see if you have received any email invitation from: fido@prepaiddigitalsolutions.comfido@e.helloworldmail.com OR fido@e.helloworldemail.com?


If not, you can contact us and we will be happy to look into it with you. Alternatively, we can send you a private message on the Community!

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I have gone through 4 billing cycles and call Fido customer service 3 times.  Everytime I called I was told they re-submitted the request ..... now I start to doubt if Fido is taking this seriously.  I will wait for another month and if nothing happens I will start looking somewhere else for sure.

Hey @o2andh2o!


Can you please check your inbox as well as spam folder for an e-mail from fido@prepaiddigitalsolutions.com OR fido@e.helloworldmail.com 


Check it out and please let us know if you got an e-mail. 

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So mine finally came 2 weeks afer the posting made on this forum.  Not sure if it was a timing (just started to shop other providers) or the moderator had a special channel to escalate the issue.  I'm glad Fido kept its promise but I had wished we didn't had to wait this long and have to call the customer service multiple times.  For the rest of people who haven't received theirs, I hope you got yours soon.

We're happy to hear you got it @o2andh2o, enjoy! Very_Happy 

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The same issue, I contacted the customer service 5 times, and was promised of receiving the $150 gift card after two weeks for every time I contacted, and now 3 months later. Nothing has been solved

Hey @thangdc01_02!


If this was escalated via customer care already then it's possible the card was sent.


Can you please check search your inbox as well as spam/junk mail for these e-mails : 


fido@prepaiddigitalsolutions.com OR fido@e.helloworldmail.com


Let us know and we'll go from there Smiley 

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Same problem for me. I'd applied for connection on 24th Sep 2020. It has been 3 months, but I've still not recieved my Amazon gift card. 

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I checked my email daily including the spam folder. And there is nothing about the gift card

Did you search those e-mails I sent above specifically? 

I'm a Participant Level 3

None of the above email in my mail box

Thanks for checking @thangdc01_02! We'll continue via the PM we sent you. Smiley

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 I set up home internet back in September with the promotion for the 150CAD amazon gift card and I still have not received any emails or instructions on how to obtain the gift card.

Hey @kalelim !


Welcome to the Community. Very_Happy


I've moved your post to this thread, as it deals with the same topic and you should find the information you need in the solution provided above.


Hope this helps. Smiley

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same issue, Got internet in Sept but havenot received any email for registration yet. checked the junk mail as well. Whom can i contact for this. thanks.

Hey @khannabue


We're going to look into what's going on Smiley


I'm going to send you a private message, see you there! 

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I got my internet connection on Sep 27 (Fido Internet 150 - Unlimited was added on September 27) and have not received any email for regisration. As per the post above, i dont see the option for support via the link, is there an email support for this particular issue ?

We sent you a PM! Smiley 

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As per a promotion for the internet I was supposed to receive a $150 gift card I recieved an email to choose a gift card and I chose Walmart I revived an email after to accept a amazon gift card but I didn't accept it because I don't use amazon. The email is now deleted and I can't find it because it was in my junk mail and I've contacted Fido 4 times and their not giving me any answers and gave me 3 emails to send an email to but all of them aren't working. It's been three months now. Will I even receive my gift card?