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Resolved! Thread for reporting SMS spam

Hello,     I have been forwarding my spam email-to-SMS to @FidoStephen via PMs to help improve the spam filter for     Recently, another community member also posted a similar spam SMS they received. Perhaps a thread dedicated to collecti...

Cawtau by Senior MVP
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Joining the Community Board from My Account

Hi, I used to have a huge problem joining the FIDO Community Board from My Account on the computer. Mac/Sierra/Safari 12.0.3 . It eventually got so frustrating that I stopped using the Forum. BUT------- It has been fixed, the FIDO Community Board has...

Login security

 The login page for the fido website should not "show password" for one populated from a secure keychain. What if someone were to have a look at the prefill and decide to try it on my other accounts? That would be a password breach and security leak ...

New design

Hi, I would like to congratulate & Thank you for this new design.   It's really cool, easy to navigate & great to see and know the FidoTeam.   Thank you all very much for your hard work and dedication.

DSQ2 by I'm a participant level 2
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