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We’ve made it easier for you to manage your Fido account with self-serve options on, in the app and through our interactive phone system. We’ve made it so easy, in fact, that less and less is being done in person and over the phone. So, now we’re changing which transactions can be done in person, be it in store, Live Chat, Social Media or over the phone.


What’s changing?


As of September 1, we won’t take one-time bill payments at Fido stores.

As of September 15, our teams will no longer complete the following transactions via Live Chat, Social Media or over the phone (click the links to learn how):


🧾 Making a payment

💲 Updating a method of payment

📟 Updating contact information (email, phone)

🔒 Resetting a voice mail password

👋 Changing display name(s) for caller ID

🚛 Changing billing address


We’ll still be there for you in store, via Live Chat, Social Media or over the phone to give you expert advice, to help review your accounts and services, and help you choose the latest phones, tablets and accessories.


See all the ways you can manage your account online, and step-by-step instructions and videos at