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Has there been a change with the My Account app?

Senior MVP Senior MVP
Senior MVP



  I have previously been using the My Account app without issue. However, when trying to access the app today, it requests that i get another authorisation code. I'm using the same phone, nothing else has changed. When I enter my phone number to get another code, I get this:


Screenshot_20191010-131549_My Account.jpg


  I verified that the phone number entered is correct (removed from screen capture). The credentials are correct since I'm able to log into here to post. Could it be related to the recent increase in text messages from 650-6?


Thoughts? πŸ€”









Samething happened to me today, clearing the app cache seems to fix it for me. 

Hey @Cawtau and @KAPABLE-K!


This shouldn't be happening, I'm getting this looked into and will provide an update once I have one!


Thanks for the heads up!



Hey again!


The cause was identified and a fix was put in place Smiley



@FidoNick, I had this happened to me again yesterday.

Community Manager (Retired)
Community Manager (Retired)



Did clearing the cache help this time as well or are you still getting the same error? 



@FidoClaudia clearing the cache alone did not work this time I had to clear the storage a few times then it worked again. 


Other than yesterday it did not happened again.

Thanks for letting us know @KAPABLE-K .


We'll monitor this on our end so keep us posted if it happens again. 

I'm helpful level 1
I'm helpful level 1

Just wanted to trump in more info. I had the error couple days ago and the error disappeared yesterday. Current balance not displayed corrected, chatted with the developer via the play store. Since then, the balance was now displayed correctly on the app. But the download bill function is not working. Currently, an agent via facebook is still following up on the issue. 

Fido needs to do more testing before rolling out app upgrade. As an end user it is very frustrating when I use sure unstable application. Especially using it to pay bill. Should I trust you it?

Hello @sahe,


Glad to hear the balance is now corrected. 


As for the bill function, what is the error message you receive when you try to download it? It's supposed to get you to login to your account and then give you the option to download a .pdf.


We're always working on releasing stable updates so we rely on this type of feedback so we know what to work on. The fact that some of the features aren't as stable as they should be don't impact how trust-worthy the app is for making payments. 

I'm helpful level 1
I'm helpful level 1

The agent from facebook had submitted a Tech ticket to fido back office developer. So far no update from of My Account App in google play.