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ordered a 12 mini 256gb for $0 at jul 30th cancel ordered sep 23

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

ordered a 12 mini 256gb for $0 at jul 30th with a $55 plan 30gb

been out of stock until sep 23 ( i had to call once a week they tell me to wait)

someofthem wants to prove where did youi get this prom do you have a screen shot?)

order canceled for fido at sep 23 offer me a iphone 64gb instead i refuse.

how they have stock of 12mini 128gb i said i want that stead they want to chrage me $10 per month.

its been a nightmare for me this 2 months.

good thing my contact ends at october i can switch.

they treat customer like......





I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I waited mine for 2 months so far, i called last month and i was told i was next in line i should get it in 2 weeks. Then i called again after 2 weeks they told me no ETA and ask me to cancel it. Sure after i already paid for the plan for 2 months. and i asked can i get some refund or credit for paying extra compare to my previous bill. And they told me no, company policies was changed last year. Well good job Fido, you will receive zero rating in everything in every survey. The guy who came out with this idea should get fired. If you have 10 phones to sell, you dont sell to a 1000 people. You dont need to go school to learn that. You are just making the rest of 990 unhappy, and plus you are making your colleages more work to receive pointless phone calls. Thanks for wasting everyone time.

Hey @WL2022, 


This is definitely not the experience we aim for in regards to ordering a new phone. 


We do take in any feedback in hopes to improve customer experience.

If you've yet to receive any updated on your phone order, please reach out to customer care to review your options. 


Hey @Gracechu625! We're sorry to read about your experience with our customer service. That's certainly not the way we want you to feel!
You can contact us through one of our channels and we'll be happy to check what are the best options available for you.