iPhone X users experiencing loss of network access

iPhone X users experiencing loss of network access

iPhone X users experiencing loss of network access

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iPhone X users experiencing loss of network access

iPhone X users experiencing intermittent or total loss of network access. PLEASE FIX IMMEDIATELY! I was at Apple today because the Fido tech I spoke with blamed Apple for the network access issues I've been having. Turns out, it was Fido all along, as I suspected.


Apple factory reset my phone (problem remained) and then replaced it entirely (problem remained). Apple tech told me they are seeing numerous Fido/Rogers customers with identical problem. 


Fido replaced SIM card twice in 24 hours which finally worked (as in, I got about 8 hours of access after the third SIM card on a brand new iPhone X before my phone started experiencing the same problem again). I'm posting on here because the Apple store staff said they were seeing lots of people with the same problem and ALL of then were with Fido or Rogers - no other carriers. Brand new phone - expensive plan. I just need it to actually work! 


Help, Fido. 

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My husband and I are experiencing the same issues with my iPhone 8. Fido insisted in was a hardware issue, but when we went to Apple they said it is a Fido/Rogers issue because they are having no issues with TELUS phones. It seems that this is a Fido/Rogers/Apple issue, but no one wants to take accountability. When I contacted Fido, they claimed that they have heard nothing of this issue, and that I was the first person who reported it, which is clearly untrue. I have always had excellent service through Fido, so I am hoping they are able to fix this issue. I’d prefer not to switch to TELUS, but if my phone does not work with the network, I have no choice because I need it for work, and cannot risk it losing service, and needing to wipe the phone and reload IOS every time it does. This is not reasonable.

Hello @JMaloney,


I definitely understand how important it is for your network to be working constantly. 


I'll be sending you a PM to look into this together. 

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I appreciate your getting in touch FidoAnothy, but I have already wasted so much of my very valuable time on this issue only to have person after person at Fido claim they never have heard of this issue, that I’m the very first person who has reported it, that if it were truly an issue, they would have had hundreds of complaints. Thus, the issue must be with the phone, not the network, and although I have only had it for 6 months and bought it directly from Fido, it is an Apple issue (which Apple denies is the case). In fact I have heard this very same spiel from 4 Fido representatives, including Fido’s Office of the President. I prefer not to go through it again with you. It’s beginning to sound like Fido employees have been given a script. I have already given Fido way too much time on this issue as a courtesy. I wanted to document my issue here as proof that despite the rhetoric Fido is offering that no one else has mentioned this issue, in actuality, many people are having the same issue. I wanted to ensure that their is a public record that I am having the same issue so that it is not filed away at Fido as a hardware issue. Indeed, the technician at the Genius Bar at Oakridge Apple told me they have contacted Rogers/Fido several times but they have yet to take action. There were two other customers at the Genius Bar with the very same issue. In fact, before I even told them about my issue, the technician asked me “Rogers or Fido?” That’s how many customers they have been seeing. This leaves me with a phone that does not work with my server without any course of action. At this point, I’m starting to wonder whether Rogers/Fido plans to do anything about it because if Fido could do so in a timely manner, why wouldn’t they? Why would Fido risk upsetting countless customers and losing their business? Alas, what may seem like a few days without service for Fido, actually cost me thousands of dollars, and I cannot risk this happening again. As I mentioned, I rely on my phone for work. Even a day without service is very costly for me, not to mention the hassle of not being able to contact anyone about not having service without taking time away from work to see someone at a Fido Store because you cannot call Fido, only to discover that Fido is providing zero guidance to their customer service agents to on how to fix the problem but “go see Apple.” They won’t even provide you with a temporary phone in the meantime. If the only solution Fido has is to wipe your phone every time it happens, and reload iOS, which is absolutely not reasonable, I have no choice but to switch to another provider. The  Office of the President promised to get back to me in the next few days. Unless they have found a permanent solution, I am sadly going to have to switch networks. I’ll keep the Forum posted on what they say. Note that I have also kept a personal record of the several times I have attempted to solve this issue with Fido.

Hello @JMaloney


I took the time to go over what you explained and it's definitely not the experience that we want our customers to have with their phones.


I can totally see the inconvenience this brings you and I can assure you that we want to help you have this fixed ASAP.


I can see that we sent you a PM concerning. We simply want to have chance to go over what was discussed so far concerning this.


I'm sending you new message so we can continue on this. Hope to talk to you soon.

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I am having this exact issue with my iPhone 8 Plus. Got the phone from Fido a year and a half ago. Never had an issue until 5 weeks ago. Then, calls dropping. At first random, now every single call. No rhyme or reason, sometimes a few minutes into the call, sometimes an hour in, doesn’t matter where I am, at home, work, driving etc. 

5 weeks ago went to Fido who did some “testing” and told me they fixed it. But they didn’t, as the calls were still dropping, I called in again, they sent me a new SIM card and told me that fixed it. It didn’t. 

I called in again, they did more “testing” and made excuses for why the other people didn’t do the right testing before. 

Still dropping calls. So two weeks ago I called again- they now blame apple and sent me to apple. So, it did all the troubleshooting with apple and still didn’t fix it, went to apple and got a brand new iPhone 8 Plus. Within minutes of the new phone... calls dropping! 

Now I have been in contact with Fido three more times in the last week and they just keep telling me tech department is looking into it, then I get a text saying everything is fixed. And guess what... not fixed. 

Most recnelt was yesterday where I was told a manager had guaranteed me a call within 24 hours... and no call, and calls still dropping. 

Im a Fido client for over 12 years and have 5 phone lines with you guys... not impresssed. I also run a business with this phone line, so you better hope you fix this  issue before I come after you guys for lost business and wages and cancel every phone line I have with you. 

Hey @Marieod2616! I'm sad to read about your issues with your iPhone. I'll try my best to help you out. Smiley


I'll send you a PM to see what we can do.


Talk to you soon!

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I've been experiencing this same problem with my iPhone X over the last few weeks and it's getting so frustrating I'm thinking of moving away from Fido.


Even though the phone says it has a solid LTE signal, the internet just flat out doesn't work. Pages won't load, music won't stream etc.


Today I'm even having trouble sending text messages to people - they just crawl and then finally say could not be sent. I retry and retry and eventually for some reason they end up going through, but it's so annoying.


I'm paying a lot of money for this every month and shouldn't have to be dealing with such poor, unreliable service. Yes I can continue to keep restarting my phone for a temporary fix, but it's not long till after that I'm dealing with it again.


Please fix ASAP!

Hey @crowy1250,


That definitely doesn't sound like the kind of experience we want for any of our customers. 


We would hate to see you go! I'll send you a PM so we can take a closer look into this together. 

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Experiencing the same issue for more than a month on my iPhone 7, and I contacted Apple for it too. 


They also mentioned that Rogers and Fido users are the only ones with this random network issues. 


My phone would stop accepting or making calls whereas text and data would work just fine. Doesn’t make any sense.  

Thanks for getting back to me. 

One thing we can try to do is have you do a full restore of your phone.


You can do this directly from Itunes. I was able to find the instructions to do that here.


Let me know how it goes on your end.

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Thanks! Already tried restoring a couple of times. In fact even every update I do a full install with itunes. Have tried resetting device, resetting network. No change.

Let's see what's going on together.


I'm sending you a PM now to get this looked into. Talk to you soon.






Hey @Kaar,


Welcome to our Community!


Sorry to see you're experiencing network troubles, definitely not the type of experience we want you to have!


I'll need a bit more info to get to the bottom of this:


- Does the issue occur indoors, outdoors, or both?

- Does it happen everywhere or only in specific locations?

- Have you experienced the same issue with your previous phone before switching to the iPhone X?

- Have you had a chance to switch your SIM card in a different phone to see if the same thing happens or not?


Thanks in advance for letting us know.

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Hi FidoClaudia.


I feel I have provided the information that answers some of your questions already above. However, I will detail the information below, including info not originally included. Hopefully this will provide clarification.


To be perfectly clear: this is a ROGERS and FIDO problem being experienced by many people. The Apple Store staff reported an onslaught of ROGERS and FIDO customers who have the iPhone X and are experiencing the same problem. They further noted that they haven't seen a single person with any other carrier with this issue. These observations would imply that Rogers/Fido need to address thed network access issue being experienced by numerous iPhone X owners. I posted to bring this to the company's attention as it's critical (for me at least) to have functional phone service.


Your questions:


- Does the issue occur indoors, outdoors, or both?


Both. My phone turned into an iPod (could only use it on WiFi) for 24 hours until I did the things described in my post above. Now the outages are intermittent and still unrelated to location. 


- Does it happen everywhere or only in specific locations?


Everywhere. And, as I was trying to emphasize, it's happening to numerous cutomers of yours. Literally, the first question the Apple Store staff asked when I described the problem was: "Are you with Rogers or Fido?" They then went on to explain that they are getting piles of iPhone X users with the same problem (either total, like my issue, or intermittent, like my issue since taking the steps described in my post above). I am posting this as the issue is widespread and unacceptable. I live very close to downtown Vancouver, so I'm not out in the country with patchy service or anything. 


- Have you experienced the same issue with your previous phone before switching to the iPhone X?


As mentioned, this is evidently an iPhone X problem on the Rogers network. I have not experienced it prior to this.


- Have you had a chance to switch your SIM card in a different phone to see if the same thing happens or not?


As mentioned, Apple completely replaced my phone. So, the new phone is a different phone. The problem remained because it is a Fido/Rogers problem. I also brought my SIM cards to Fido where, upon the third SIM card, it worked for several hours. 


Of note: the explanation I was given by the Fido representative was as follows: He speculated that both SIM cards I had (the ones that came with the phone) may have had their barcodes/serial numbers entered manually and may have had a typo causing them not to work. That seemed like a nonsensical explanation given that I have been using them for nearly two months without incident. If there was an error in SIM card info that prevented me from using it, one would assume it would be an immediate effect and notsomething that's suddenly a problem after two months of use. As well, the SIM cards info is entered via scanner, making the "typo" explanation even less plausible. 


I understand you have to run through the usual questions. But, just please kindly pass this information along to your supervisors so that they can address whatever issues are causing iPhone X users to experience the inability to access the cellular network. I know new technology doesn't always roll out seamlessly - just notifying you of a bug that needs fixing. Thanks. 

Hey @Kaar! I was just wondering if you had a chance to test out what @FidoGabrielle suggested?


I'm also sending you a PM so we can look into this in more detail and get to the bottom of things! See you there Smiley

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Hi FidoNick. Thanks for your reply.


I'm not sure if you read this thread in its entirety, but my intention was to notify Fido of a confirmed problem with  Fido network access for certain iPhone model customers. Please kindly look into and address this for iPhone X users on Rogers/Fido.


I don't feel it's an appropriate step/solution (especially to a widespread problem that has been demonstrated to have nothing to do with my personal phone/SIM card) to ask me to approach strangers, determine if we have the same cellular service provider and different phone model, and then request to put my (possibly corrupted, according to you?) SIM card in their phone. Does this really sound like a reasonable step to you? What would you do if a stranger approached you on the street asking to put a random SIM card in your phone? 


All I'm saying, once again, is to please kindly notify your supervisors so they can look into this glitch so that your customers can receive accurate and expedient service when they report this particular problem. (I would think this would also help your employees feel empowered to help, rather than to give customers the runaround by sending them to Apple for a non-Apple problem.)


Respectfully, I am not going to canvas the public for somebody who is a Fido customer with a different model phone and is crazy enough to let a stranger put an unknown SIM card in their phone. It has already been established that the problem isn't with my phone/SIM card anyway so even if I did that, it would be irrelevant to the issue. As such, I will leave the above information with you to address. Thank you, once again, for your time and attention. Smiley



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Hey @Kaar


Thanks for the update. 


In no way were we implying to ask a stranger to test your SIM, we were leaning towards friends or family. If it's not possible you can also pass by a Fido location to get some testing done, they'll be more than happy to help! 


If you can reply to the last PM we sent out, we'll be able to assist further with this. 



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Thanks. I went to Fido before I posted any of these messages. It's a problem with the network, not with my phone or SIM card. My apologies if I didn't manage to make that clear from previous messages. 

Hey @Kaar


Thank you for clarifying this. If you get a chance to get back to our PM we'll be able to take a closer look into this with you. 

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I have experienced a similar issue to @Kaar. I have an iPhone X and was travelling between Kelowna and Vancouver. My phone lost service, as it often does through parts of the highway, but NEVER REGAINED or even recognized the Fido network again. I tried resetting network settings, turning phone on/off, etc but nothing worked... I took it into Fido immediately as my phone was basically rendered useless. The employee checked my SIM card in his own phone and said the sim worked in his, so the problem was with my iphone and I would have to sort it with Apple. I then had to go to the Apple store and as @Kaar has mentioned, the Apple representative said this is only an issue that they know of with IPhone X/iPhone 8 that are either with Fido or Rogers. They have not seen these issues with these same phones with the other networks. Luckily, mine was able to recognize the Fido network again after doing a full erase/reset of the device. This means you have to restore all data from a backup which can take hours and is not really a great solution if this were to continue happening.


Since this is not an issue with other iPhoneX/8 users on other networks, it seems that Fido should be working on a solution so that the network can be more reliable with these current phones. Otherwise, it seems Telus/Bell/etc really has you beat... and if then problem persists, it will definitly cost you business. It would be nice to hear back to be reassured that Fido is taking steps to stop this issue from occurring.