iPad Air 4th - Order was cancelled no notification

iPad Air 4th - Order was cancelled no notification

iPad Air 4th - Order was cancelled no notification

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iPad Air 4th - Order was cancelled no notification



On Dec 26, 2020 I ordered Ipad air 4 online. In the website it shows that there is 1-2 weeks delay.

On Jan 1, 2021, I got an email with order number saying it's going to be back ordered.

On Jan 6, 2021, there is another email from Fido saying that it's going to be delayed for 3-4 weeks.


Today, Feb 19, 2021. I chatted online again with one of the agents, saying that my order never went through because it's not something that can be fullfiled online. The system automatically canceled it as it has to be done online with an agent or in store.


I am very dissapointed that all this time I have been hoping an Ipad to arrive, and almost 8 weeks later just to find out that my order has never gone through. There is no notification or anything that tells me the order is cancelled.


I have now decided to buy Ipad Air from Apple store.


Fido, I really hope that you could be more transparant and more communicative.

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Hello were you charged the 40 dollar to hold your place?? I ordered it online aswell and I'm told I'm still going to receive it because I was charged for the place in line. I'm not sure if this is true or not. I have been waiting since Nov 3 2020. Started at 38 in line down to 20 now and have been their for about a month now.


Hey @alita! Philippe here. I hope you're doing well. Smiley


Thank you very much for your feedback! I'm sad to read about your experience though and do sincerely apologize for all the inconvenience.


I hope we can do better and get this right for you in future!