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Resolved! Will my phone work on the Fido network?

Hello,   Your device must be compatible with the Fido/Rogers network, which uses:   GSM ~ EDGE (2G) ~ on band 5 (850MHz). UMTS or WCDMA ~ HSPA (3G) / HSPA+ (4G) ~ on band 5 (850 MHz).   To access LTE, the device must be compatible with one or more o...

Cawtau by Senior MVP
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Resolved! Google Pixel 6 Pro

Does anyone know if Fido will be getting the Google Pixel 6 Pro 256gb version ? I have only seen the unlocked version at the Google store. Even other providers only have the 128gb variant.

Resolved! Order not approved and backordered device

I ordered a phone on Boxing Day. Everything ok. On date Jan 14 2022 when I contact customer care they told me that back office didn't approve my order. And nobody inform me . When I ordered phone they offer me a Tablet but Tablet is here and I receiv...

Resolved! OS upgrade for Samsung S20 FE

Yo, I got S20FE in my hand and they say I'll get update on 25th, my friend already got it though his phone is unlocked, but why FIDO can't complete their promises?? WHY!!?? Do you know how much it hurts bro @fido C'mon man!

Resolved! Problems with the phone

Hi,I bought a certified pre-owned iphon in early December and as it was a gift was used in the new year, but there are 2 problems and I couldn't return it because it was almost 1 month after purchase. Problems:1.People hear our voice interrupted and ...

Reza6 by I'm a Participant Level 1
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waiting for my iPhone 13 since Dec 29th

I've ordered a new iphone13 online when the website said it's in stock. I was supposed to get the tracking information within the next 2 business days and I received nothing.   I understand there has been Covid and transportation issue so I've waited...

jsmoh90 by I'm a Participant Level 1
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