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Resolved! Will my phone work on the Fido network?

Hello,   Your device must be compatible with the Fido/Rogers network, which uses:   GSM ~ EDGE (2G) ~ on band 5 (850MHz). UMTS or WCDMA ~ HSPA (3G) / HSPA+ (4G) ~ on band 5 (850 MHz).   To access LTE, the device must be compatible with one or more o...

Cawtau by Senior MVP
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Activating New Sim Card

I am trying to activate a new SIM card. I am switching over from Freedom and to update my SIM card online, I have to enter my old SIM card. On the website, it says the old SIM should start with 89302 and is pre-filled in on the page, but my old SIM c...

ShaktiB by I'm a Participant Level 1
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Roaming not working in Florida

Roaming is not working.  I read different blogged and nothing has helped to fix the issue.   I have a LGG6 and I am in Florida (in central Florida in a city with over 100,000 people).   I tried to select my own Network operators (AT&T, T-Mobile, Veri...

phild33 by I'm a Participant Level 1
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Resolved! iPhone 12 order shipping ?

Hello ! So I ordered and iPhone 12 pro the 1st day you could do pre order. I then got an email that yes, it would take 5 days for proses my order and ship. Now we are coming to week three and nothing . does anyone know when the iPhone 12s are suppose...

alexander1 by I'm a Participant Level 3
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Fido Mobile service Discontinuation

I called and informed one of your customer care executive that I would be leaving Canada permanently and would like to discontinue my number. He created a ticket for it. #I1570330796. Roaming service was turned off at that very moment and I was suppo...

Resolved! Switch from Freedom to Fido

Hi, I used to be a Fido customer before I switched over to Freedom. I received an email from Fido offering a deal for 9GB for only $39 (plus taxes I assume), and this is cheaper than what I pay to Freedom...I am still on a contract with Freedom until...