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Phones that are easier to use

I'm a visitor
I'm a visitor

Hello, I am 62yrs old & looking 2 getting a new phone something that's easier 2 use, l live where there is no WiFi (so mobile data 4 me, believe me there r still places like that around)any suggestions. Tina




Hi @Tina-lumley welcome to the Fido community. You say that you are looking for a new phone, that's easy to use and can handle data. There's a lot of great devices out there that can do exactly what you want. The lower priced phones up to the premium priced phones can perform those basic requests quite easily. 

Your decision would be between an android device or an apple device. Easy to use would be based somewhat on what your current device is how easily you can use it. My bias is an android device and I believe there's a lot of android owners here in the community. There's also a lot of iPhone users around, quite a few actually.  As an android user,  I can't speak to the ease of use of the apple devices as I don't use one. You could check the offerings on and compare prices and features and see what speaks to you. 

I am currently using a Samsung A52 and really like it a lot. A very good camera and fast internet, call quality for a decent mid range price. Good battery life also. I have a friend with a Motorola phone and they like it a lot also. You could go into a store that carries Fido phones and look at them first hand and the decide which one you want and then order it online either through the app or at Fido website to save yourself a $50 administration fee. Please feel free to ask as many questions that you need to help with your decision. Take care