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Malfunctioning phone

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

On November 17, 2020 I purchased an LG Velvet Phone through a plan with FIDO. Since this time, my experience with this LG phone has been an absolute nightmare. Added to my grief has been LG and FIDOs outright negligence with providing the proper customer service one would expect from such names in the industry


Only 5 months after owning this phone, it stopped taking a charge. I took it back to the FIDO store where it was purchased and It was sent to LG for repair.  GIven that I pay extra for the phone protection plan I assumed a replacement phone from FIDO would be there at the store. It was not.  It took them 4 days to get me one.  Then when I got this replacement phone, it didn't work when I got home. When I returned it , the sales agent at the FIDO store rudely suggested that I did something to it, claiming it was working fine when it was given to me, when this simply was not the case.

Another 5 months after this, once again the phone malfunctioned for the same reason.  It would not take a charge. At this time the phone was just over 10 months old and still under the 12 mths MFG warranty.   Common sense would dictate that at this point the phone should have been replaced.   When a phone is less than a year old, and it malfunctions a 2nd time for the same defect it was already once repaired for, clearly it is a defective phone. When I took this up with FIDO, they informed me my issue was with LG. It was these sort of answers I have become quite accustomed to now.  FIDO deflecting blame on LG, and LG deflecting blame on FIDO.  Although unprofessional, a very strategic way I suppose for FIDO to avoid taking responsibility for the the products they sell. I find it perplexing that FIDO does not have the business sense to realize that although they didn’t manufacture the phone, they sold it to me, and in doing so they represent LG and it is just plain wrong for them to abandon customers like myself who have been loyal to them for many years.  


I emailed LG informing them of the issue citing it was the 2nd time for the same issue when the phone was less that a year old.  I got an insulting email saying I could fix the problem by either trying a new charger cord, or different wall outlet to plug it into. As if I didn't try that already!! I phoned LG also but my arguments fell on deaf ears with an LG agent over the phone. Instead of responding to my questions, she kept repeating the same things over and over like she was reading from an LG SOP. Despite warning LG that this would probably happen all over again if they didn't replace the phone, I was ignored and the phone was sent for repair once again. 


AND, low and behold, just the like the first time my phone malfunctioned, AGAIN the FIDO store did NOT have a replacement phone for me. This time I went through an even greater fiasco then the first time. After failing to have a  replacement phone for me, I requested they find the closest FIDO store I could travel to that did have one, They sent me to the Whitby store where I was promised a replacement phone would be waiting for me. When I got there, they had the replacment phone, but after waiting close to an hour while 2 agents stood at the computer trying to complete the transaction, they eventually told me I could NOT have the phone due to issues with the FIDO computer app not working correctly.  At this time my eyes pretty much popped out of my head with utter disbelief. I insisted they give me the phone anyways explaining to them then that they could manually record any information now and update the system later when they figure it out.  They wouldn't do this.  The only way they would let me leave the store with a phone was by having me purchase a brand new phone and letting me to return it a couple of days later for a refund when they could then give me the replacement phone. 


Now, just like I predicted could happen, my phone has malfunctioned yet again for the same reasons as before, it has stopped taking a charge FOR THE THIRD TIME!!! This time however it has happened 2 mths after the 1 yr MFG warranty expired! How convenient for both FIDO and LG!  Is this the strategy??  Keep putting off fixing the problem the right way, waiting until the customers warranty expires, and they say "SORRY, your out of luck!"


I am the only caregiver to 2 parents who are both almost 90 years old! I need to check on them DAILY!! My OPERATIONAL phone is their LIFELINE!   I experience so much more grief than the average person when a problem like this happens. And make no mistake, I WOULDN'T be going through this nightmare if this problem with my phone was resolved the right way by REPLACING what has clearly been a DEFECTIVE phone!  


There are no words to describe how angry and fed up I am right now with FIDO and LG. I cannot even phone either party because of this defective LG phone. I have no phone. I expect some answers!   As the certified and documented caregiver to 2 very old parents with many health issues, if anything should happen to them whereby me not having a phone prevents me from assisting them with the care they need, I am holding both FIDO and LG completely responsible!! I have EVERYTHING documented with respect to all the pathetic nonsense I have gone through with this device since I purchased it, and the details clearly reveal nothing but poor customer service, incompetence, and clear negligence from both LG  and FIDO.


As of today, I have paid $383 towards this phone that is a proven piece of trash! I fully expect to be either refunded this money, OR have this money amount put against the purchase of a new LG phone. In fact, I firmly believe that if LG and FIDO stood by their claims of customer service, they would recognize the HELL they have put me through and simply give me a new phone paid for!  THAT would be the proper show of good faith to compensate for the mistakes you have made that have made my life a living hell with this phone over the last year. 


Right now it is Tuesday Feb 8.  I need an answer to all of this ASAP because time is of the essence based on my responsibilities as a caregiver to my  very old parents.  This is NOT  something that can wait. 


I'm qualified level 1
I'm qualified level 1

I'm sure this isn't what you'd like to hear but the fact LG isn't even in the smartphone game any longer can't aid your cause. This sort of customer service is pretty sad from LG. Down the road if you'd like great customer service from your smartphone manufacturer get an iPhone. Say what you will, Apple has brilliant customer service .


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Hello Scottpc,


  Welcome to the community!


  Sorry to hear of your situation. I understand you are upset with Fido since you purchased the phone from them. However, in-warranty repairs (or replacements) are often directly through the manufacturers. The sellers of the devices do not have any role with those types of repairs. 


  I recently had issues with my computer monitor (LG monitor) which was purchased from Best Buy. My issue happened just outside of Best Buy's return and exchange window so there wasn't anything they could do. I had to contact LG Canada for the warranty repair. Since my monitor was just over a month old, I asked LG about a replacement rather than repair. They mentioned that it's their policy to repair rather than replace equipment. Unfortunately, whether or not the device is replaced with new device is solely at the discretion of LG Canada. As much as I would like Best Buy to exchange the monitor for a new one, they are not able to do so. Similarly, Fido would not be able to replace the phone for you.


  I understand it's frustrating having to continue to pay for a defective device. However, the device needed to be repaired/replaced according to LG Canada's in-warranty procedures. Now that the device is out-of-warranty, you might consider submitting a service request since you have device protection. You should note that there will likely be repair or replacement processing fees associated with the protection (see here).


**edit** In addition, since this is a public forum, you might consider removing your email address from your post. You should be able to edit your post (within an hour of original posting) by clicking the little down arrow alongside your post. If you are unable to edit your post, perhaps @FidoSolutions can remove your email address for you.


  You should also note that Fido does not offer customer services via email. If you would like to discuss the matter, you would need to contact customer service. In addition, they can also be contacted via Live Chat, Facebook, or Twitter. Those methods can be accessed via the contact page posted above. **


  Hope this helps 😀