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Unlocking my phone

I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1

Hi there,

Bought my previous Fido phone (LG G6) from Costco back in April 2017. Knowing that starting December 2017 all phones sold in Canada are unlocked, I suspect my phone is locked. Here are my questions:

1) Tried to see if my phone is locked/unlocked on the web without any success. Can you suggest a website where I can find such info?

2) If my phone is locked, how do I get it unlocked? Since I didn't buy directly from a Fido outlet, can I still bring it to a Fido outlet to unlock? or elsewhere? I heard that it would be free of charge, is that correct?

Thanks in advance for answering.





Hello @ryeung,


The best way to tell for sure if the phone is locked/unlocked is by putting a different carrier's SIM card in the phone.

As long as the phone is a Fido phone it does not matter if you bought it directly from Fido or from a third-party reseller you just need to contact customer service and they will help you unlock it. 


You can also get the unlocking instructions here