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Told 2-5 days, 5 weeks later still no phone!

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I ordered my iPhone 12 Pro on Nov 27 after Fido told me I would get it within 2-5 business days (and Freedom told me it would take 4 weeks - and lost my business). I paid Fido over $700 on that day itself. On Dec 8 they emailed me that the device is back ordered and I can expect it within 3 weeks. When a week later I still hadn't received any further emails I called them and asked why they would claim 2-5 business days and charge me for the phone and then take weeks, and where my phone was at this point - they said it is what it is and all they can tell me is current wait time is 4 weeks and since I've already waited 2 weeks I'm halfway there and should receive my phone in another 2 weeks. It has now been over 5 weeks since I paid Fido and I still haven't even received a shipping notification, forget about the phone. And shouldn't Fido only charge me for the phone once they actually ship the device, like everyone else does? My money has been with them for 5 weeks now and I have nothing and no idea if and when I would receive my phone. At this rate by the time I get it it will be time for the next iPhone's release and my device will be old news...


Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey @Asehgal


There are additional delays for the newest iPhone models as the stocks are very low. I can assure you we're doing our best to get them sent out as quickly as possible!