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No resolution to a phone sent to the wrong address

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I have spent countless hours on the phone/chat for a resolution. You sent a phone to the wrong address & several reps have admitted the error was on your end. I have spoken with 2 supervisors with no resolution & no confirmation. I am unwilling to wait any longer to have this resolved and I am out of a phone from your mistake. I need to connect to the office of the president right away or I'm taking severe escalation. I've been patient enough


Message to Office of the President  



Hey @Klotz99!


We're sorry to learn about your recent experience. This is definitely not what we want for our customers. You can visit this page to share your concern, but we would like to look into the matter with you, regardless. We can send you a PM from here. We might be able to help.


Let us know what you prefer.