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Shipping delays

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Get your story straight. I order an iPhone from your website, as I was interested in a new model, and was finally convinced by the quick shipping outlines in the product page:  “GET IT IN 1-2 DAYS”, since it was clearly in stock.

I pay everything, wait for the order to process, and I get no follow-up message or email that my device is on the way, or at least confirmed for delivery - just the transaction went through, conveniently. 5 days pass, nothing. I send a message to support, they notice that the device is backordered for two more weeks. Why was I sold a 1-2 day shipping product then, that did not have an out-of-stock status? Where was the notification for this? Why did they just notice that it was backordered after I had to submit a support ticket, instead of updating the product page with the real stock?
The only email I got from Fido support afterwards was a no-reply, automated message saying they were sorry, and that the status was still "processing". No date, no alternative solutions.


And now I get this sent to me by yet another no-reply email, saying that the order is still processing and that now it’ll be 3-4 weeks ON TOP of the week it took for you to send me this update. 
This is absolutely ridiculous. Please, get your story straight here, and don’t sell us something you clearly cannot deliver on the time you are posting. At this rate, I'll be paying for a phone I don't even own or use.
Update your websites, offer your customers some alternatives to make up for the mistake, and give an actual date of delivery - any of these three options work instead of spamming my inbox with automated apologies and no actual status updates.

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Same thing happened to me and it's been 10 days after ordering without any update and just a no reply email mentioning my order is in process. Very frustratated by customer service.

Hi @Hamidzzz and welcome to the Community!


The email you received is to let you know that the phone you ordered is backordered. Once our suppliers will provide us more of that device, we'll be able to resume your order.

For now, you can either hold onto your order to keep your priority or choose another device if you want. If you choose the latter, you'll need to reach our customer service here for support.

Hope that helps.

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2


The problem is you need to mention the backorder delay when Advertising the device on the website not after I placed the order. The offer clearly said the delivery time is 3-5 days and now they tell me if you are not happy with 4 weeks delay you can cancel or switch to another device like I didn't know that Smiley

We definitely hear you and we appreciate your feedback. We understand how important it is to be made aware of how long you'll need to wait for your device. 


I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

08/24/2022 Update: It's been 5-6 weeks out of the 3-4 weeks, with no updates, follow-up or alternatives. The Fido agents on live chat simply re-state what AskJack says, which is frankly a complete waste of time waiting on queue to just hear that the device is still backordered, they don't know when they'll have it, and that they're very, very sorry.

I finally got one agent that actually gave alternatives and offered to exchange the current order for another device in stock - but, get this: they don't KNOW when any of their devices will be back in stock, they just put them on clearance and claim it's available, when you will actually have to wait at least a month with no word from them before your order is processed. Of course, they were very quick to charge my credit card a month ago, with no actual order or product to sell.

Needless to say, I have cancelled the order and won't be ordering devices from Fido ever again. You can sell us your stuff when you actually have it, not when you need our money.


Lastly, your customer experience seriously needs some help, guys. This experience was so bad I'm seriously considering switching providers, even though this was a simple phone order that you somehow managed to eff up monumentally.

Hi @Bidartp!


We understand it's not ideal and we don't want our customers to wait longer than expected. We're trying to update the stock as often as we can, and our suppliers are doing their best to keep up with all orders. 


That being said, we would hate to see you go and if you change your mind, not all devices are backorder. We might have something you like. 


You can contact customer service anytime if you have any questions.