Samsung S20 Ultra Delays

Samsung S20 Ultra Delays

Samsung S20 Ultra Delays

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Samsung S20 Ultra Delays



I made a pre-order with Fido for S20 Ultra on Feb 11, the same day the phone was announced. My position in line is number 3.

The phone officially launched in Canada and Fido on March 6.

I haven't received any emails or calls from Fido since making a reservation 1 month ago.

I called the store where the device was supposed to be delivered on March 6 and they initially told me that Ultra was not yet available at the store and should arrive on the following week. They only had regular S20.

Fast forward to this week, I called the Support line and the store again. Now they were saying that the phone is being delayed by Samsung itself and they don't have any ETA when the phone will arrive and I just should wait for whenever this happens.

My understanding was that by pre-ordering the day the phone was announced would give me a high enough priority to get the phone on the release date, since it's shipped to the store so no  Samsung restrictions apply in terms of when the device can be shipped (it still should've been at least March 6).

I found some posts on Reddit of people who also reserved S20 Ultra through Fido and contacted stores and support receiving no explanation of what happened and no ETA.

My order status still says Open today and I don't see any official statement from Fido. This is very upsetting and disturbing to me since clearly everyone who pre-ordered S20 Ultra is impacted.


Could I get some clarity on what's going on and when I should expect my phone?


Thank you.

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Re: Samsung S20 Ultra Delays

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Hey everyone! Just wanted to provide an update on this Smiley


Anyone who reserved the S20 and the store is since closed due to Covid19 should have gotten a phone call from us to manually process the order. You'll also still be getting your gift with purchase (Samsung Galaxy Buds+) as long as you had reserved while the promo was on. Keep in mind these will be sent in a separate package.


Hope that helps out! 



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Hi everyone, I just wanted to provide another update.
We don't have much information to share right now, but be assured that our teams are actively working on a solution for this.
We'll be sure to update everyone as soon as we have more to share.

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Hi @FidoNick ,


I declined your answer as an accepted solution as nothing has been solved here.


I called customer service last Monday and they told me they would contact some department in charge of reservations so they would get back to me via a phone call and let me know when and where I can pick up my phone.

A whole week went by and nothing happened. Looks like from your side there is no answer either. So for 3+ weeks, there is no answer, no ETA, no communication from Fido.


How come people can just order the phone online right now but the ones who made the reservations are being kept in the dark?  

Hi @ghost030492,


I'm sorry that you feel that you've been left in the dark. That's certainly not our intention.


I'll try to be as transparent as possible here. The challenge right now is the gift with purchase (the earbuds). These reservation gifts are exclusively sent to our stores for the reservations. Since most of our stores are closed now, we're working on a solution to get the device you reserved and your earbuds without having to wait for the stores to reopen. Given these unprecedented times, the logistics are a bit more complex than usual, but I assure you, we're almost there and you'll know more as soon as we do.


Don't hesitate if you have any questions.

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Hi @FidoStephen,


It's not a feeling at this point, it's a fact. I'm not alone here.


I've decided to cancel the reservation for myself and my partner. It's been the most awful experience I've ever had with Fido.

Never again. 

In the future, I would rather go to Samsung directly. Fido has lost my loyalty after 5+years. I will consider moving both accounts to a different carrier as soon as I see a better deal.

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So the fun continues. 


I was contacted on the 17th of April about my reservation finally.

The person on the phone asked me if I would like to proceed with the reservation at that point over the phone because stores were closed, or whether I wanted to wait until stores were open again.

After confirming I would still like my order, and jumping through all the hoops over the phone to process the order, my phone was finally on the way after they confirmed stock.

They couldn't confirm stock of the Galaxy Buds+ but I was told they would be shipping out as well if they were there.

I was later told by an online chat support when I followed up on Monday the 20th that they would indeed be shipped together and arriving today.


Well, phone arrived today, no Galaxy Buds+.

I've spent the afternoon going back and forth with chat support who was trying to tell me first that I didn't order during the promotion window so I have nothing. Then when I told them I did, they told me because I placed the order with an agent I was not eligible because it was online promotion only. When I confirmed I HAD in fact placed the order online, I was told they would need to open a case to look into it.

Looking at my reservation page on, I see that my reservation is still Status: OPEN, and 18th in line.


Fido staff, for the love of God, I ask, how do you keep getting this so wrong?

Can someone please get on this and resolve this today, I'm getting sick of spending my time dealing with this after waiting over 2 months with zero communication outside of the little we were told in this thread. 

Hello @Sdobrica Smiley


This definitely doesn't sound right to me. For anything concerning your order, it will be necessary to contact us in order to get this looked into.

You can find all the ways to reach us here.

We can also send you a pm here on the Community if it's best for you.

Let us know.

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Hello @FidoKenny.


Haven't heard anything back from anyone after speaking to chat support yesterday.

If you could PM me so we can follow this up, I'd appreciate it. 

Hey @Sdobrica


I'll send you a PM so we can take a look at this together. 


Talk to you soon!

Hey everyone! Just wanted to provide an update on this Smiley


Anyone who reserved the S20 and the store is since closed due to Covid19 should have gotten a phone call from us to manually process the order. You'll also still be getting your gift with purchase (Samsung Galaxy Buds+) as long as you had reserved while the promo was on. Keep in mind these will be sent in a separate package.


Hope that helps out! 



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Hi @FidoNick,


I am in a similar situation as the original poster, but for a Galaxy S20 regular vs. Ultra. In your post it says I should have recieved a call but I have not recieved one on my end. I also no longer see my reservation in my online portal - can yourself or anyone assist me?



Hey @Code514! I hope you're doing well. Smiley


I'll send you a PM for that shortly. Talk to you soon!

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Nope. Still no news on my phone. Same position 3 in line.
I assume some people got tired of waiting and just canceled their reservation.

From what I saw on Reddit, people with Bell, Rogers, Telus, Freedom mobile already started getting the devices since last week, but there are still delays.

Not a single delivery report from Fido yet. Their website says 2-3 weeks of shipping delays for S20 Ultra. March 27 will be 3 weeks since the launch.

If nothing changes then, I don't think we will be getting the phones until summer.

Hey @ghost030492,


With most of our stores being closed due to COVID-19, it's possible that the store you selected for the device is no longer open, at least not for now. 


This can cause additional delays then normally would for you to collect your phone in stores. The 2-3 week delay you see online refers to the delay time if the phone is ordered directly, not reserved. We do apologize for not updating you on this matter! 


That said, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra can now be ordered directly online, or by a customer service rep! The device will be directly shipped to your house instead of having to pick it up in stores. 


You can also cancel the reservation made directly from your account and place the order for the phone instead. 😊  

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Yeah, that doesn't work for me. I made a pre-order to receive a free pair of Galaxy Buds Plus. I guess you didn't read any of my previous posts.


It's great how Fido kept delaying everything with no communication and now the stores are closed. This experience just got so much better.


How come no one still bothered to reach out to me to talk about my pre-order and offer alternatives? What is Fido doing to make sure that the customers will get their new devices?


If the device is available as you say, why my pre-order can't be sent to me directly and a brand new order can?


So I see that the store I selected is closed. I will select the closest open one and based on your information since the device is available, I should get it.

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@ghost030492 Let me know if that ends up working for you. 


At this point I've noticed my pickup store is closed as well.

I reached out to chat support and was told to wait until I get an update from the store.. which given the current Canadian and global situation due to Covid19 could be.. your guess as good as mine - a few months is probably being generous unless some miracle cure comes along.


@FidoLony Can anyone at Fido please spend a minute of their day and take a look at this situation for people sitting in limbo? While I am sympathetic that no one expected what's going on to be happening in the global situation - why hasn't this been adressed since? 

At bare minimum, email these people waiting and tell them what's going on - this is a joke that is has not happened at this point.

At best, sort out a solution where perhaps Fido support can adjust all these orders form in store pickups to being delivered directly to their homes. If as you say you can do an online order directly for the phone now, why can't Fido adjust current orders to change shipping directly to their homes without adjusting reservations as I'm sure we all did it for the Galaxy Buds+ bonus, so none of us want to lose that.

Hey there!


Apologies for missing out on your earlier message. It certainly was not my intent. Smiley


I do understand your disappointment regarding the delays and appreciate your feedback. Rest assured that we always make sure to dedicate inventory to our reservation system so you can get your devices as soon as possible. If you are on number 3, you will certainly get your phone.  However, the current circumstances may cause a delay.


We'll update the status of your request when the order is processed and shipped to you. 

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What is the latest update on the delays, placed pre-order for the Ultra, got my initial email, and then nothing since, just see my reservation is Open and my place in line. 
Why hasn't Fido sent out emails to us to let us know there is a delay/back order? 

Been with Fido for 10 years, but may cancel my pre-order and go to Bell