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SIM card on iphone 8 plus render 0 bytes under Settings -> Cellular

I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1



I call fido customer service regarding the issue with the SIM card that i currently have on my iphone 8 plus which is showing 0 bytes all the time under Settings-> Cellular. Needed this to track the app data usage. But the rep direct me to visit the store so that they can do some settings. So visited the store at Yorkdale Mall on Dec 30, 2018 and the store rep didn't even bother checking and straight away mention it is iOS software problem.

Clearly mention to both the online rep and store rep that when i tried another SIM card it was showing properly, just the SIM card that i got when i activated the iphone is not working. Guess the store rep didn't want to provide me with a replacement SIM since i am not activating a new line or getting new phone so they are not interested in doing business with me.


Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey @robbiec!


That's definitely an odd situation, one I haven't seen before. 


If you insert your current SIM card in another iPhone does the data tracking work? Have you tried restoring your device through iTunes to see if that changes anything?


Are you otherwise able to track your data use through the My Account app? 


Let us know! 

I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1

Yes. The same SIM card on another iPhone have the same problem. I did the restore and it didn’t help. I had the problem with the sim when I couldn’t transfer from the old to new via Fido website. I have it done via Fido agent. 


As mention with another SIM card on another phone the bytes count show on my phone so it has nothing to do with the OS or the phone but on the SIM card 


is is there a way I can transfer back to my old sim 

Thank you for trying those steps @robbiec


We would need to look into the account to check the following steps. 


I'll be sending you a PM shortly. 


Talk to you soon! 

@robbiec, you can get Fido to do a reset to switch and see if it helps if not it could just be a bad SIM card and you should get it exchanged.