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SIM card activation at store

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

We transferred our 3 lines to Fido at the same time.  One of us got the SIM card mailed, inserted it herself, and called to support to activate it and port over the old number.


This worked fine.  Bit confusing because Fido gives you a NEW phone number, for two days, then erases it when you get your old one back.  But easy.


The other two of us went to (different) stores to get a SIM card and have it inserted.  Oh boy!  What a cluster of errors!  The store assistants were courteous but clueless.  One of us didn't get the old number ported at all, and spend hours next day fixing this. 


The other member was given a brand new (fourth) account opened, a new permanent number, and the wrong plan!  Zero for three.  Again, a few hours next day got it all sorted out.


Moral?  Don't go to a store!  Get your SIM card mailed, get a bent paper-clip, and do it yourself.  The phone agents are really friendly, helpful, and patient - you will eventually get what you want.  Smiley




Hey @carrt7! Welcome to Fido and the community. Smiley


We're sad to read that the service in store was not up to par. That's certainly not the level of service we expect. We're happy this was all sorted-out for you though.


We sincerely hope this doesn't turn you off our stores, as in general, they do a fine job with most requests that comes they're way.


Thanks for sharing!