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Question about the Huawei Mediapad T5 10

Fido Employee
Fido Employee

Does the Huawei Mediapad T5 10 (new with 32gigs as opposed to preowned with only 16gigs) come with full Google apps?  Some Huawei products sold after May 2019 have no access to the Google Play store and its apps.  This tablet has been available since 2018 so I don't know if the restrictions apply.  There is a very good offer currently for this tablet on fido.



Hey @snorlax141

This tablet should definitely have access to the Google apps as well as the updates for them. Smiley

Google has also said that services like Google Play and the security protections from Google Play Protect will continue to function on existing Huawei devices. 

Don't forget that you also have a 15 day satisfaction guarantee for a return or exchange, should the tablet not meet your expectations.

Thanks for the quick reply.  The key word in your answer was "should".  But as you said I can return it within 15 days.  Thanks again.

I don't see a reason why you wouldn't have access to those features. Smiley

It was my pleasure to help! Hope you like the new tablet!