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Phone without a SIM card?

I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

Im currently using a non-Fido device with a Fido SIM Card and monthy plan.

Recently, I just upgraded to a new device (a Samsung). My question is, can I keep my SIM card in my old device, or do I have to switch it to my new Samsung? I asked because I plan to use my old device for business purposes only (so I need the SIM in it in order to make calls, texts, etc.), and for my new Samsung I want to use it for other purposes (entertainments such as games, Facebook, etc.)

I dont know if it's possible to use a Fido device just as is, without any sim card on it? 

Thanks everyone!


Senior MVP Senior MVP
Senior MVP



  Yes, you can keep your SIM card in your old device for use in that phone. You should note that since your new phone would not have any access to Fido services, it would function as a Wifi-only device. Any verification texts would still be received on your old device.


  Had you purchased device protection? You should note that service only protects the device most recently used on the networks. If you did have the protection and damaged or lost your new phone, that device would not be covered since the SIM is being used in your old phone.


Hope this helps 😀