ONE Courtesy Phone per Location??

ONE Courtesy Phone per Location??

ONE Courtesy Phone per Location??

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ONE Courtesy Phone per Location??

I was just told by my Fido location's manager that Fido only allows for ONE courtesy phone per location. 


This means, if even just ONE of the other thousands of people in the city send their phone in for repair with this location, only one of us can get a courtesy phone.


This means, if someone happens to crack the screen of their one courtesy phone, the next person that needs their phone repaired, will not have access to a courtesy phone because that location's ONE courtesy phone is "being repaired" (this is my situation right now).


Now, if I need to get my phone repaired (which I do), I will be without a phone entirely for the duration of the repair. Not even an old, worthless, flip phone is available.


The service I've received lately is beyond frustrating and really makes me wonder why I signed up with Fido. So unreliable. Is there anyone that wants to try explaining why this courtesy phone "rule" was made or who even made such a poor decision?? Complete opposite of "courteous". It's cheap and unfair.


Hey @jashbury


Welcome to the Community. 


Our Fido locations will usually have more than one courtesy phone per store. That being said there can be some exceptions where certain stores will have less or more loaner devices based on the store's traffic and volume of repairs. 


I hope this helps clarify things a little.