Not receiving all text messages!

Not receiving all text messages!

Not receiving all text messages!

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Not receiving all text messages!

I had an iphone 6 and upgraded to an LG G5 recently with a new sim card. I have noticed from several different contacts that i am not receiving all of my text messages. I am super frustrated and I have tried turning off the VoLTE and it has not helped. Someone please help!!



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Re: Not receiving all text messages!

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Hi everyone!


LG began to roll out an update to the default messaging in October to fix this issue.


Some of you have mentioned that you're still experiencing issues following the update; can you all confirm that any third party SMS applications are removed, and ensure that your stock messaging app is updated to version


Thanks. Smiley

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I'm not getting half my texts messages. It doesn't matter where i am or who it is coming from. Everything is turned on. Its a brand new phone, new Phone number, new SIM card. Same issue

Hi @LauraT1987& welcome to the Community!


What's the model of the phone that you're using, and if you send yourself a text message are you able to receive it?


Let me know. Smiley

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LG g5. Yes i can get messages sent to myself 

@LauraT1987 What was the model of the phone that you were using before?

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Moto g. I was with WindMobile before switching over to virgin. Had the same issue. Got a new phone number. Same problem. 

New phone, new company (switched to fido) new phone number again. Same problem

@LauraT1987 Are you using the default messaging app? If so, is it updated to the version

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I dont know if its updated. Should be automatic no? Yes i am using the default messaging app 

@LauraT1987 Depending on your settings, your updates may not be automatic.


Can you check in your app settings which version you're on?

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It is the updated version 

@LauraT1987 Thanks for checking!


Do you have any other 3rd party messaging apps installed?

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No. Just hangouts. 

@LauraT1987 Can you uninstall hangouts and test for a while to see if it makes a difference when receiving your messages?

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You can't uninstall the app. It's part of the phone

Hey @LauraT1987!


We moved your post to this thread as it deals with the same topic Smiley


We suggest using the default LG app for your messaging. You need the latest version of the app which is version or later.


For any third party apps (Android messages, Hangouts, etc.) there may be difficulties in receiving SMS and this will be addressed in the coming update to Android 8.0. Keep an eye on the OS upgrade schedule Smiley 




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I'm sill not receiving half my messages. It's everyday. I'm missing important ones. It's frustrating. I don't know why I'm paying for a service that doesn't work

Hi Laura

Stop using the default messaging APP supplied by LG.!  It is as simple as that. Don't listen to Fido Tech on this one. Save yourself the headache - install a third-party messaging app from the App Store and make it your default under setting. Solved the issue for me and many others on this forum. LG supposedly fixed the issue with a recent update but (i guess) it is still flaky! 


BTW: You cannot uninstall the default one by LG. So move it away from your main screen and hide it away. Don't use it.


I cannot recall which app one I went with. I installed it on my wife's phone, she had the same issues you are experiencing. Textra? I think it was...




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I also gave up on waiting for a fix to this ongoing and frustrating problem. Having a dependable way of receiving texts was more important than standing my ground and waiting it out.  I installed Android Messaging from the Google Play Store and made it my default messaging app. It works perfectly and no more missed texts. Shame on Fido for insisting people continue using a defective app!

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Totally with you, Diane! I spent HOURS on the phone back at the beginning of this fiasco and even sent my perfectly good NEW LG phone back for"repair" twice and received a refurbished one back in return because Fido and LG wouldn't own up to the problem. All it was was the message app! I am still very angry about this and all I got was the runaround from Fido.

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It was Textra, John and you said it all in your reply. I didn't even bother trying the LG app when they said they fixed it . Lost faith in Fido, I am afraid .I paid the fee extra dollars for no ads and have no problem with Textra. I can't believe this is still going on.... Shame on you, Fido. 

Hey everyone!


We definitely understand the importance of a reliable service, and we don't want anyone to miss out on any text messages!


On our end, this was investigated and the response we've gotten is that LG has implemented a fix in app version


If anyone notices that they're still not receiving any text messages, please contact us or ask us to send a PM so that we can look into it further!


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I don't have s choice at this point. But it's how i communicate with my kids when they were not home