Not receiving all text messages!

Not receiving all text messages!

Not receiving all text messages!

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Not receiving all text messages!

I had an iphone 6 and upgraded to an LG G5 recently with a new sim card. I have noticed from several different contacts that i am not receiving all of my text messages. I am super frustrated and I have tried turning off the VoLTE and it has not helped. Someone please help!!



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Re: Not receiving all text messages!

Solved by Former Moderator FidoMaria

Hi everyone!


LG began to roll out an update to the default messaging in October to fix this issue.


Some of you have mentioned that you're still experiencing issues following the update; can you all confirm that any third party SMS applications are removed, and ensure that your stock messaging app is updated to version


Thanks. Smiley

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I'm having the same issue, bought new Pixel 4a directly google Canada, swapped Fido SIM from Pixel 2 into this new Pixel 4a. Everything works fine, but noticing not receiving all text messages. Some texts will get through but ones from like Amazon or Fido, for phone/email/account verifications, are not getting through to this new Pixel 4a. 


Is this some kind of filter built into Fido that could potentially prohibit some text messages through, thinking that such a message could be spam? Or is this something else?



I replied to your other message about this @januarysnake!


Are your regular sms working?


Can you check if the codes you are receiving the messages from are approved by the CWTA?


We'll continue under the other thread if it's alright with you.






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LG G5 Fido user .. people aren't receiving many of my texts from me and I'm not receiving many of the texts being sent to me .. the ones I do receive are often delayed by 20 mins.





Hey there @Bushey


Welcome to the community. Smiley PM on the way!

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@FidoGabrielle @FidoCharles or any other Moderator...I am pretty friggin fed up with 1. this stupid phone..LG5G 2. seeing so many others with the same issue, meaning you should know by now this phone is garbage and they should be replaced. 3.  Been trying for weeks to get a loaner phone here in Hamilton, been told by many of the employees at store that the whole city is always out of loaners ...seriously???  4 different stores in my area and I can't get a loaner phone???????? Even if I get a loaner..I know my phone is just going to come back the same!!! 


I pay my bill for 2 phones every month, I keep my end of the contract, I should have a phone that works!!

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Welcome to the LG G5 texting nightmare. I have struggled with this issue for years too. Its been But be forewarned....Fido will have you sending the phone in for a repair for something that can't be repaired...LG was hopeless too....when they finally said they'd replace my new phone they returned a reconditioned one to be which I am still angry about. And like the two repairs that didn't work, the 'new' phone also' had the same glitches with messaging system....missing texts and I also had a jumpy screen...the letters in my emails would jump about randomly. I switched to the texting app Textra as per John, another disgruntled Fido customer's advice, and have even happy with it until yesterday when it was brought to my attention that yet again, I didn't receive a text even with it. Unrelated or related?  You can read lots of history in this firum about this issue. I think we all should have been given new phones since, like you say we are all dedicated paying customers. The LG phone basically is a good phone....but it isn't working as it should and we shouldn't be paying for a product that isn't cintract with be up in Dec and it'll be bye bye Fido, imI afraid.


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Hey @Skyegirl


That's absolutely not the kind of experience we'd like for you and I can totally understand that you're being annoyed by this. 


While we do make sure that the phones we provide our customers are fully compatible with our network, we're not manufacturers. We totally understand where you're coming from, this is why we're here to help anyone that would have such issue with their device.

We don't want to see you go and we'd like to take a closer look at the details. You can contact us here or we can send you a PM directly. 


Let us know what suits you best! 


Moderator (inactive)

Hey @McKimmy


I can definitely understand having a phone that's not working correctly is an inconvenience.  When you have issues during your manufacturer warranty, we send out the phone for repair, so, if there is to be a replacement, that would be at the manufacturer's discretion.


I've sent you a PM so we can take a look at what can be done about the trouble you're having to find a loaner phone!


Talk to you soon Smiley

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Am having the same issue. Lg G5 everyone seems to get my texta but i do not recieve some of theres

Hey @Andrew11221, thanks for reaching out Smiley

Can I ask you more details about your issue?

Is it happening with more then 1 contact?

Do you have enough signal where you are located now?

Is this happening indoor and outdoor as well?

Let me us know Smiley

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For sure! Its happening from at least 2 contacts as ive met them in person. Physically saw there phone with a sent message and time stamp yet nothing has showed up on my end. Its been over a week and they never show up for me. Seems to not matter wether my phones inside or outside. They get my texts and reply i just dont get there responses ever. I get texts from others okay though. I have 2 bars for signal.most of the time so i would think its ok. Cleared the cache for my phone texts as well as texted myself and got that ok. Was going to try a hard reset but have not yet

Thanks for all those details, @Andrew11221


Do you have the latest OS on your device? Can you tell us what version your phone's running?


Did you also update the default messaging app?


Let us know and we'll take it from there Smiley

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My advice to everyone on this thread...just stop trying to talk to FIDO. The real solution will take 2 minutes, and it works.


My apologies to the moderators, but everything suggested here is just a waste of time. I batted with FIDO on the phone, over Messenger, at the store, and went through months of "try your SIM card on another phone", "swap SIM cards", "which contacts is it happening with", etc. I tried that route and went through endless troubleshooting for months, including getting the whole interior guts of my phone replaced (under warranty) for no reason whatsoever. 


The problem is simply this: if you combine (1) the LG G5 with (2) the default Android messenging app on (3) the FIDO network, you will have this problem. Period. Stop troubleshooting and wasting our time!

You have to change one of those three things to get rid of the problem. Since most of us are locked into service contracts, changing the phone or the network is not an option. So just replace your messaging app!


It took me 2 minutes to install "Signal Private Messager". Problem solved. Easy peasy.


Feel free to use another app if you want. That one seemed to be well reviewed and had the options I wanted. Make sure your app can default to SMS (unlike WhatsApp or other ones like that which require the other person to use the same app), and you're golden. End of problem.


***drop mike***retire thread***



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Not sure why FIDO continues to torture people on this thread. Read post #117. Follow the advice. Problem solved in 2 minutes. Otherwise you will be in for months of debugging pain for no reason whatsoever...

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Hey @Dimo!


We were aware that there was an issue but it has now been fixed Smiley


If you have the version of the Messaging app, you'll be good to go! 

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not true this problem is not resolved. 

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this isn't true. That is exactly the version I have and I am super frustrated at having the same issue...inconsistently receiving less than half my SMS messages. Am now trying the solution found in #117 of this thread... a new text app. 

That isn't the best solution considering most new apps have $$ and ads, which I would like to do without and was fine with the LG G5 stock messaging app. I've been having this problem for MONTHS with several calls to Fido support and NO FIX.

Not happy with the lack of support from Fido at all ... and their seeming lack of attention to sending out a fix for this problem.

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Just do some homework first. I went with Signal Private Messenger: absolutely free, no ads, and if you set your options appropriately, virtually seamless compared to the default app. Fixed this problem permanently in two minutes. I'm sure it's not the only option.

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I'm, sorry, but that comment is just blatantly wrong. Which I said, and others have said, just a few posts ago. 


That "fix" does not work. The problem still 100% exists with the G5 using the default messaging app version, as I confimed with my phone and as others have confirmed too. Although FIDO moderators have been saying it works, not a single person who owns this phone on this thread has said that that version has solved the problem for them. 


Please familiarize yourself with this thread before responding. And please stop contributing to the lie that the "fix" works. The only fix is to get rid of the default messaging app, to change phones, or to change carriers. Period.

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I'm using an LG G5, it seems to happen randomly but mostly in the early morning, between 3 a.m. and 5 a.m. E.S.T.



Does this always happen at the same location? also, can you confirm how many signal bars you have on the phone when this happens?