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When will Fido have NFC SIM cards available? 





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Re: NFC SIM Card

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Hey uyyut123, no word on that yet. If we have any updates, it'll be posted on 


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Does Fido have any plans to rollout the NFC SIM card? Not asking for dates, just asking whether or not Fido would ever support NFC technology.

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Now that:

- Apple Pay launched in Canada and does not use NFC SIM

- Suretap has packed up and gone home

- RBC and TD migrated to Host Card Emulation (HCE)

- UGO started to use HCE (instead of NFC SIM)

- Android Pay (rumored to be launched in Canada later this year) is also based on HCE


There are little points in offering NFC SIMs.


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Hello everybody,

Mu phone got NFC built in and my bank offer the app to pay with a phone. Greay I use it all the time.

My question is, if your phone is not equipped with NFC like most of them can the NFC SIM card allow to use payments by NFC?


If yes NFC SIMs have a full value.

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That's a good question @Sellig Smiley 


@Community anyone know? 

Hey cagrunner!


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No word yet. Keep an eye on for an updates. Smiley

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Any update on this? We cannot use all of our fido phone without it. I have Owen my s4 for almost 2 years and I am still waiting for the updated sim card. Please advise on time line for this?

Hi Kevin4.


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We don't have any word yet on whether or not we'll be offering NFC SIM cards in the future. 


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Bell offers NFC Sim cards
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It looks very unlikely Fido will ever offer NFC SIM cards. There has been zero evidence to suggest they will get it at all.

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@Cartfan123 wrote:

It looks very unlikely Fido will ever offer NFC SIM cards. There has been zero evidence to suggest they will get it at all.

That's not going to be a problem for much longer. I heard that the banks are going to move security into the cloud so we won't need to wait for a specific carrier to have NFC SIMs. It might not be as secure as a physical SIM but it's a heckuva lot more convenient.

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6 months gone by, I talked to Fido today both in store and customer service, and they had no clue what I was asking about. This doesn't even seem like a feature in the near futur. My contract is up and moving to one of the big three is becoming an easier decision by the day.
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Seriously, the lack of NFC SIM cards or any updates on when, or if, it will be ever implemented, is quite ridiculous.


If the decision NOT to have NFC SIM cards is because it's supposed to be some sort of premium differentiating feature that is only available on the more premium big brother (Rogers), then that is a pretty terrible decision. Most people will only become aware of this "differentiator" when faced with not being able to use banking apps to pay for purchases, but when they do, no one is going to decide (oh, I'm going to switch to Rogers and pay an extra 15-20 a month just so I can pay for things with my phone. All you're doing is pissing off your loyal customer base, because you're holding back a feature which wouldn't even really cost you much to implement in the first place.

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I'm a long time Fido customer and very disappointed to see that NFC SIM Cards have been available on Rogers for years but there doesn't seem to be any plans to offer them to Fido customers. Thank you Rogers for making me feel like a second class (Fido) customer!

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Has there been any progress in wrestling the NFC sim card from Rogers for our phones?

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I agree the phone is awesome and notice that the same deeps are at virgin sub brand of bell but
Virgin gets all the "goodies" at the same time as bell... like when they launched exclusive devices and mobile payments...
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Ohhhhh nevermind lol my phone is supported !!! Gonna look if i can activate with fido a rogers nfc sim card and if not i will be a telus customer next week 😛
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Any luck with getting an NFC Sim from Rogers/Fido yet? I am also thinking of switching away to Telus.

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So... any update on the NFC SIM card question. Are you folks at Fido even working on it? Please, no canned replies like the one from FidoRachel.

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The "canned answer" is all anyone from Fido is authorized to give.


But after all this time, there's no reason to think Fido will ever have NFC SIMs. If you absolutely want it, switch to another carrier - apparently Koodo got it 4 months ago.

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It has been a full year after the initial post. For an industrial that's constantly revoluting, I cannot see this an acceptable speed to move forward.